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IRM India partners with Eduvanz to Strengthen Indian ERM Ecosystem



India Affiliate of Institute of Risk Management (IRM India), on Monday announced a comprehensive and far-reaching knowledge partnership with Eduvanz to strengthen Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) ecosystem in India.

“As a part of the partnership, it will collaborate on a range of thought leadership initiatives, including research papers, webinars, industry insights, and opinions and analyses, among others for driving the importance of Enterprise Risk Management in the Non-Banking Financial Sector,” the statement said.

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Speaking on the partnership, Hersh Shah, CEO, India Affiliate of Institute of Risk Management, said, “As we continue to rebuild our economy nearly a year after the pandemic lockdown, Indian industry must retrospect and incorporate learnings from 2020, to secure businesses against future crises.”

“As the globally-preferred professional body for ERM qualifications, we hope to make an impact at the grassroots levels, and this partnership with Eduvanz will go a long way towards bolstering our efforts to build a greater understanding of Enterprise Risk Management in the NBFC sector and to educate industry leaders and students about the business value of managing risk holistically,” Shah added.

Commenting on the deal, Sukesh Tandon, Chief Risk Officer of Eduvanz, said, “Over the years, we have also seen risk management evolving in the Fintech sector, from the crisis in 2019 when banks ceased lending to NBFCs, to the current practice of risk-sharing with Fintechs and NBFCs. Post-COVID, maintaining seamless business operations is a bigger challenge for organizations overgrowth or profitability.”

“In the coming days, holistic risk practices will be the core of all business strategies for organizations, whether large or small. The agility and adaptability to the ever-changing environment will determine the success or failure of enterprises in the coming days, and By partnering with IRM, we hope to create a wider awareness of ERM practices in the industry and among students,” Sukesh added.

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Further adding to the statement, IRM in its statement said, “Both the organizations will collaborate on different platforms to spread awareness about ERM. This will include webinars, panel discussions, and other events, research, white papers and analyses, and industry insights and experiences, all of which will enable Indian industry to adopt ERM seamlessly and efficiently, and make informed decisions while managing risk.”

“Under the partnership, Level 1 and level 2 qualified IRM India students will also have access to opportunities of working at Eduvanz, including availing zero-cost student loans,” the statement added.

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