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Interview: “30% of our call are from NRIs living all over the world,” says Arvind Singhatiya Founder & CEO of LegalKart



In an interview with TechGraph, Arvind Singhatiya Founder & CEO of LegalKart said, “30% of our call are from NRIs living all over the world who need instant consultation about their legal queries concerning them or their families in India.”

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TechGraph: What pain points in the legal industry are you trying to solve with your app?

Arvind Singhatiya: LegalKart is a ‘consumer first’ company and it is solving the most important problem of ‘affordable access to legal services. With the help of cutting-edge technology, LegalKart is democratizing legal access by making it affordable and accessible to the masses.

With the right legal advice and right documentation anyone can prevent the chances of costly and time-consuming litigation by more than 50% and LegalKart with its technology is empowering citizens to access the Right Legal Advice with the right document products.

Legalkart is a Made in India and Made for India company building the world’s first ‘Preventive legal care ecosystem’ right here in India which is empowering to save huge time and money on uncertain litigations and deliver authentic advice with affordable documentation for all kinds of needs. With enhanced accessibility and affordability, there will be an exponential rise in consumers adopting legal and compliant ways to conduct themselves personally and professionally.

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TechGraph: Why does the legal industry need to be digitized?

Arvind Singhatiya: With 45 million pending cases in all the courts of the country; digitization is the need of the hour to ensure easy access and reach of legal services to the end consumer citizen.

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Digitization will be standardizing legal processes and promoting innovative technologies to create affordable products for the masses. Digital court records and millions of judgments shall be the biggest data resource for analytics to build useful tools for faster disposable of cases and faster delivery of justice.

TechGraph: How does India´s legaltech fair in comparison to global levels?

Arvind Singhatiya: Globally more than 45% of the legal technology is used in ‘Documentation’, 25% is used for legal research. With more than 90% of the digitized legal data, global legal tech companies are building comprehensive legal products with the use of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

In India maximum legal tech is used in Legal research and tech adoption among professionals is pretty low. The bright side of this scenario is that India is now slated to grow big and technology companies are now harping on the huge potential of legal technology in India.

TechGraph: What are the unique technical features of LegalKart?

Arvind Singhatiya: LegalKart is India’s first on-demand and legal consultation over the phone. We realized that since most of the consumers don’t have previous experience to talk to a Lawyer and they also don’t have access to a lawyer for an instant consultation on their matter.

We build a technology backbone powered by LegalKart’s proprietary software to connect calls of individuals with the most appropriate lawyers available. The call is routed with smart match technology which will use the customer’s geographical location, concern area for consultation, and other key aspects. The calls are confidential and secure and you can talk to a Lawyer in 8 different Indian Languages.

With more than 2 Lakh consultation minutes sold in the last 8 months, we are witnessing promising growth and a high repeat rate of callers. This consultation is affordable, neutral, and accessible to users. We are currently getting 30% of our call are from NRIs living all over the world who need instant consultation about their legal queries concerning them or their families in India.

TechGraph: What inspired you to start your company?

Arvind Singhatiya: Every challenge that we face is a hidden opportunity. In 12 years of my professional experience with various corporations, I experienced serious challenges due to the unavailability of legal professionals in different parts of the country and sometimes at international destinations too.

That feeling when you can see that the problem is obvious but there is no solution available inspired me to explore possible solutions. I was able to visualize the challenge as a third person and identified the key bottlenecks with the help of my founding partner and LegalKart CTO Partha Sen by using appropriate technology solutions.

The only objective we had in our minds was to create access to a reliable legal professional on-demand and this led to the concept of LegalKart.

TechGraph: What gives your product an edge over others? Who do you consider your competitors?

Arvind Singhatiya: LegalKart aspires to be the world’s biggest legal care company. Our vision and approach are the edges that we have and of course, the technology that we are building for billion citizens of this country. At this point in time, we are a growing company and competing with ourselves. We are striving to be a better organization tomorrow than what we were yesterday.

TechGraph: How much success have you reached so far? Some statistics will be great?

Arvind Singhatiya: Legalkart’s platform is gaining strong traction due to its innovative tech-enabled, affordable, and neutral legal advice. With a strong 25% MoM growth we are hopeful to double our customer base every quarter.

Based on the customer requirements we create product offerings like after ‘Just Consult’ which is Legal Advice; we created another highly used product “Review and Consult’ which is to get your document reviewed and discuss it. It’s a cost-effective way to get any legal document verified by an experienced professional.

We’ve served more than 60K customers till now through advisory and documentation We raised our seed round from some of the well-known Angels. We are now in advanced talks with some of the VCs and Family offices for our next round of funds to scale the growth and support the product development.


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Krishna Mali
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