Hyderabad’s pharma company Everest Organics gets permanent revocation closure order from TSPCB


A Hyderabad-based pharmaceutical company, Everest Organics on Monday announced that “the company has received a permanent revocation of closure order from TSPCB.”

The company in its statement said that “Telangana State Pollution Control Board is also known as TSPCB has inspected its facility for the pollution control issues and after careful consideration of the material facts issued permanent revocation of the closure order.”

The statement added, “After carefully analyzing and deliberating of the material facts, the TSPCB has found that the management has taken adequate steps to comply with the provisions of the TSPCB towards the environmental safety.”

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“On 8 November 2018, the company had received the temporary revocation of factory closure order from the TSPCB.”

Talking more on the TSPCB closure order, the company said that “We have heavily invested in ETP and zero liquid discharge of the pollutants from its facility.”

Sri Kakarlapudi Srihari Raju, Managing Director of Everest Organics, said that “the Permanent revocation of the closure order is the result of the greater investment that the company has made on the pollution and environmental measures.”


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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
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