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How to choose top payout casinos online



Each casino sets its conditions for the withdrawal of winnings. However, all gambling clubs have a loyalty system, which is exactly what determines the capabilities and credentials of a gambler.

How a loyalty program affects the withdrawal

Players can look at the top payout casinos online. Every licensed gambling club has daily limits. A user cannot withdraw more than 100,000 Indian rupees per day. However, this limit is valid temporarily.

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A visitor who gambles regularly earns a rating and gradually rises through the loyalty system. When the player reaches VIP status, the daily and monthly limits disappear. The gambler can withdraw even millions of rupees in a day without any worries.

How the loyalty system works in top casinos

The loyalty program is a permanent bonus that is activated by default for all registered casino users. This offer does not bind players to anything and has no regulated validity period. The rules are simple: place your bets and earn points for them.

The rules may vary from casino to casino, but they all have something in common:

• For every spin or wager for money, the player receives bonus points;
• The rewards are accumulated in a separate account;
• Points do not burn out and can be used at any time;
• The higher the level in the Loyalty Programme, the more bonuses, and privileges.

Points are awarded for any activity for the user’s money. It does not matter whether the wager was calculated as a win or a loss. The rules for earning bonus points differ depending on the type of game. Whereas a user receives a certain amount of points for scrolling slots, in live casino and table games this amount is usually less.

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The tier system

Players who have just registered receive their first level in the Loyalty Program (beginner). There may be up to 10 levels in total. To increase the status can be active betting or participation in promotions and tournaments casino.

At the first level users are offered minimal benefits: meager cashback, and few free spins. As the status increases, the bonuses increase. Gamblers who reach a high level regularly get access to exclusive offers, get up to 20% back from their losses and have a personal manager.
VIP status is usually taken outside the loyalty program. Customers who deposit large sums of money into the system fall immediately into this category.

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How to earn and spend points

The main source of earning points in the Loyalty Program is playing for your own money. Additional points are awarded for participating in local tournaments, depositing a certain amount of money, and completing regular tasks on the site.

The accumulated points can be spent in several ways:

• For accelerated leveling up in the Loyalty Program;
• For scrolling in the slot machines;
• To exchange for real money;
• To buy free spins and freebies.

As a rule, funds received from bonus points cannot immediately be withdrawn for cash. Users are advised to read the rules of the Loyalty Programme and find out the wagering conditions and the amount of the wager.

Note: This game involves an element of financial risk and may be addictive. Please play responsibly and at your own risk.


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