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How To Best Motivate Staff And Enhance Competence



The cost of employees will be every business’s most tremendous expense. Paying a team of people to run your business is a great investment, but only if they are efficient and hard-working to help grow and expand your business.

Should employees lack efficiency and productivity, then your business will suffer. Therefore, it is essential to enhance the productivity of your employees, which is best achieved by taking good care of them and providing them with motivational measures.

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On that note, here are some top tips on how to best motivate your staff and enhance their efficiency.

Keep the workspace organized

A messy and cluttered workspace is bound to deter anyone’s attention and focus. It can be challenging to concentrate on the task ahead if you are surrounded by objects and mess. Therefore, it is a good idea to keep the workspace as tidy and organized as possible so that staff can maintain focus and get their work done.

Simple features such as Audio Cable Storage will help you to keep your office wires tidy and organized so that you can keep your workspaces and staff desks tidy at all times. Staff can simply pull each wire that they require without messing up the other wires in the storage management system. Thereafter, it will roll back into the system after use to keep the cables organized and the workspace tidy and clutter-free.

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Other things to consider to help keep the workspace organized include:

  • Provide bins. Providing bins will ensure that staff can throw away their rubbish and not pile up their desks with paperwork and lose objects that they no longer need.
  • Desk drawers. Each desk will benefit from having its own drawers so that staff can tidy their belongings and keep their workspace free from clutter.
  • Cloud storage. Paperwork can quickly clutter a desk and often become overwhelming to look at, let alone sort through. Therefore, using cloud storage will be a huge benefit for your business and its staff. It will allow paperwork to reduce and staff to manage and utilize data and documents online.

Help each employee discover their own motivational tools
Everyone is different and, therefore, every member of the team will have different things that motivate them. For some people, it might be a tidy desk and sitting near a window in silence. For others, music might be a motivational tool. To maintain a happy and productive team, it is best to help staff discover their own motivational tools and find a balance so that everyone can utilize them.

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If there is an issue with some members of the team wanting to sit in silence, then you could encourage others to use headphones. Or, create quiet spaces so that every staff member can enjoy their work environment and stay focused.

Give people authority

To help enhance employee productivity and competence, it is best to give people authority as opposed to giving them responsibility. If you talk down to your team, then they might lose motivation to want to help the business. Instead, giving them authority and allowing them to find their own responsibilities will encourage them to feel more powerful in their role. Hence, they will feel more inspired and motivated to accomplish their goals and prove that they have the authority to be authoritative.

It is essential to still let the team know who is boss. Yet, giving each individual their own title and role will ensure that everyone feels equal and powerful within the team.

Make the office a nice place to work

As well as making the office organized, it is also a smart move to make the space a nice place to work. If you ask for staff to work in the office (and not from home) then you should offer them a calm and clean setting.

Simply redecorating with neutral colors, adding comfier desk chairs, and adding a break area can make all the difference to how content and motivated people feel when they are working in the office.

Offer flexibility

Nowadays, it is almost essential for a business to offer work/schedule flexibility. Whether that means allowing staff to work from home a few days a week or allowing them to choose their own hours (so long as they meet the requirements) then so be it.

Offering flexibility will make staff much happier and more efficient. People might realize that they can be much more productive if they start work earlier and work from home on certain days. If so, then their increased efficiency will benefit your business and keep staff competent and content.

Have fun times

Although it is important to keep a motivated tone in the office to ensure that the work gets done, it is a good idea to have fun times with your staff too. This will allow everyone to let their hair down, become more friendly, and show your team that business can be fun as well as serious.

You could throw an office party every other Friday or take your team out for lunches every so often. Having fun with your team will keep everyone in good spirits and prove that your business is a good one to work for.

Reward and celebrate achievements

Speaking of celebrating and having fun, it will help to motivate your staff if you reward and celebrate achievements. Whether that means celebrating an individual when they reach a goal or rewarding the team when a financial target is hit, it will prove to your employees that you respect them and appreciate their hard work.

Rewards can be provided in many different ways. As spoken about above, you could reward with lunches or parties. Or, you could reward staff with financial bonuses or offer them a gift. A small reward will go a long way and push them to keep achieving big things.

Lead by example

As a boss, it is important to lead by example. It helps to motivate staff and show them that the best way to act at work is productive and focused.

If you are a boss who often leaves early or doesn’t do much work, then this will filter down through the team and likely cause them to work in the same lazy manner. Hence, leading by example will benefit yourself as well as the motivation of your team.

Encourage break times and downtime

Although it would be ideal for business employees to work without stopping (as much more would get done), it isn’t realistic. People need breaks and downtime in order to recuperate their energy and maintain their focus.

Therefore, it is a smart move to encourage break times while people are working. If you notice that staff members are not taking a long enough lunch or small breaks when they feel stressed, then go and tell them to have a time out. It will allow them to feel calmer and recentre their focus.

Furthermore, when you realize people do not take time off of work to rejuvenate and relax, then encourage that too. All employees will have a holiday allowance and ensuring that people use it will make sure that they avoid burnout.

Be a good listener

Every company should have a boss who is a great listener. If you are not someone who is willing to listen, then your employees will struggle to find someone to talk to that can provide solutions for their workplace problems. Or, external problems.

If you are a good listener and show your employees that you are willing to listen, then they will have someone to turn to when they need help. If they feel comfortable asking you for help, then they will find a solution to their issue and overcome hurdles that are hindering their motivation.

Should you notice that someone is stressed but isn’t opening up about the issues, then make sure to be gentle with them and let them know that you are there for them if they need support.

Keep your team fueled

If people do not eat or drink enough throughout the day, then this will take a knock on their energy and concentration levels. A lack of fuel can lead to brain fog and fatigue, which will hinder motivation.

Therefore, it is a great business move to ensure that your team is fueled. You can do this by providing a fully stocked staff kitchen. Ensuring that everyone has a space to get water, tea, coffee, and snacks will make sure that they can stay fueled and energized.

It is smart to provide healthy snacks that will provide energy (fruits, energy balls, nuts). These snacks will slowly release energy and not cause a spike in blood sugar or fatigue, which will have a reverse effect on what you are trying to achieve.

All in all, it is essential and beneficial to take these tips on board so that you can motivate your staff and enhance their competence. When staff is motivated, your business will see greater results. Hence, these tips are worth your time and energy.


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