Govt: Over 1.1 million MSMEs registered on Udyam online system


The Ministry of MSMEs on Saturday said, “Over 1.1 million (11 Lakh) MSMEs have registered on the new online system of Udyam registration.”

Addressing the press in New Delhi, the Ministry said, “Over 1.1 million MSMEs have registered on the Udyam portal. Out of these 0.37 mn (3.7 lakh) enterprises have registered under the manufacturing category. Whereas, 0.63 million (6.31 lakh) enterprises have registered under the service category.”

“The share of micro-enterprises is 93.17 percent, whereas, small and medium enterprises are 5.62 Percent and 1.2 percent respectively,” Ministry said.

“0.7 Million (7.98 lakh) enterprises are owned by male whereas 0.1 million (1.73 lakh) enterprises by female entrepreneurs, and 11,188 enterprises are owned by divyangjan entrepreneurs,” It added.

“The top five industrial sectors of registrations are food products, textile, apparel, fabricated metal products, and machinery & equipment. 1,01,03,512 persons have been given employment by these registered units,” the MSME ministry further added.

The five leading states for Udyam registrations are Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, and Gujarat.


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