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GB Labs launches ‘Unify Hub’ for media and entertainment industries



Leaders in intelligent media storage solution provider, GB Labs has announced the launch of ‘Unify Hub’ for media and entertainment industries.

In a statement issued, GB Labs said, “Unify Hub is designed to meet all the challenges of today’s media production environment by combining on-premise and cloud contents, empowering remote production while maintaining data integrity and security.”

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“The platform manages storages – on-site or in the cloud from GB Labs or other vendors, to provide a working environment which is simple and fast, by providing the tools for maximum productivity from production and post-production artists,” the company in its statement added.

Speaking on the launch of Unify Hub, Dominic Harland, CEO & CTO of GB Labs said, “For most of this year, collaborative production has been impacted. As contents were being stored in multiple locations with all the problems of delays in moving materials from place to place.”

“There is a  risk of creating multiple ‘master’ version and of course poor security. The Unify Hub provides a unified approach to content and metadata,” he said.

Adding to the statement, Dominic said, “Wherever your material is physically stored, the content you need appears as a single, secure and coherent source. That makes it ideal for high efficiency collaborative and remote working.”

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“Unify Hub’s management structure, it allows users and groups to be established for each project. All appropriate cloud account can be accessed through the single sign-on with pre-authenticated cloud endpoints, appearing as SMB Storage Share,” the statement said.

Further adding the statement, the company said, “For system administrators, Unify Hub File Manager provides a single pane of glass overview and control; for users, their log-in brings all the material they need to their workstation, wherever they are working and the content is stored.”

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