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FINFI, The Credit Card & Personal Loan killer app introduces purchase-linked saving plans



MUMBAI, India, Jan. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, FINFI, a socially conscious financial wellness platform that leverages paychecks through APIs, announced the launch of its purchase-linked saving schemes that are intended to supplement the existing suite of wellness products & experiences that leverage the power of payroll.

FINFI already provides an earned wage access (EWA) product. FINFI’s employer-sponsored earned wage access product is unlike other earned wage access products as it doesn’t extend loans or advances. It instead provides a platform for employees to provide short-term liquidity solutions leveraging the wages that have been earned but are otherwise due for payment only at the month’s end.

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FINFI is addressing a market need that is currently addressed through patchy solutions like employee advances, informal borrowing from family & friends, credit card debt, or extremely expensive digital borrowing. FINFI’s platform obviates the need for these channels & allows employers to offer a dignified solution in form of an employee benefit. FINFI has successfully developed a platform that can enable thousands of pay cycles all on demand and without compromising the compliances & the legal processes associated with payroll processing. 

FINFI’s Save Now, Buy Laterproduct now expands another concept that is quite familiar to Indians. People with fixed earnings have traditionally saved with their jeweller for many months and received a discount on fulfillment. FINFI now expands this to 50 plus categories & brands with the added security of money being saved in their own RBI-regulated account.

FINFI is supported by a number of angel investors that have allowed it to experiment with various products but it now wants to focus on growing profitably.

Pranav Barthwal, Co-founder, enunciates, “Our main focus is on developing a payroll-based API infrastructure but creating experiences that can be supported through that infrastructure help prove the value of the infrastructure to all stakeholders. This is why we are building the experiences & infrastructure together.

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According to Virendra Kumar, CTO & Co-founder, “Open, restful APIs, around payroll, require support from several stakeholders. Experiences that we are creating through payroll data propels the whole ecosystem forward, and creates the required urgency for people to prioritize.

FINFI aims to enrich the experience of at least 100,000 employees in 2023 and its B2B2C model is scaling well with a 30% MOM increase in usage. Employees prefer to use FINFI’s products over their credit cards, debit cards, salary loans, etc. More than 18 organizations already provide this benefit to their employees and the number is growing fast despite FINFI mainly using word of mouth as the acquiring channel.

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Media Contact:
Pranav Barthwal, M: +91-9326776802
Aditi Barthwal, E: Aditi@myfinfi.com 

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