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FIITJEE announces dates for POSAT



Amid at the current lockdown situation due to pandemic COVID-19, FIITJEE India’s one of the leading institutes for engineering entrance exam preparations has facilitated the Proctored Online Scholarship and Admission Test (POSAT).

The first Proctored Online Scholarship Test is scheduled to be conducted on 2nd August 2020, and students will be taking the test from home.

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The Proctored Online Scholarship cum Admission Test (POSAT) is for students currently studying in Class XI or those who have already cleared XII and wish to prepare for IITJEE & intends to take admission into FIITJEE Classroom / Live Online Classroom Program.

This exam can be taken even by those students who have already joined the FIITJEE classroom program during lockdown through Home-Based Online Admission Tests.

Speaking on the development, Partha Halder, Director of FIITJEE said, “Challenges will keep coming in various forms. It is important to be flexible and adapt to newer ways of overcoming those challenges. Innovation is the key essence. Today we are hit by Covid-19 tomorrow it could be something else so sooner we adapt we will emerge victoriously.”

A 3-tier Proctoring System will be implemented wherein the First-tier is handled by Artificial Intelligence, the Second-tier is trained by Live Online Proctor (Invigilator) and the Third-tier is Post Test Proctored by Examination Supervisor with the help of periodic Images Captured during the test, Video Recording and Click-by-click audit trail of the student.

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Proctored Online Test is a replica of offline tests where the invigilation of the test is done through Live Online Proctor with the help of Artificial Intelligence. Students will be supervised with the help of a camera and mic on their Laptop / Desktop / Mobile.

Artificial Intelligence tracks and monitors every activity of students viz face detection, face recognition, detecting multiple faces, detecting objects like books, mobile phones, etc., navigating away from the test screen, detecting dual-screen attachment to the system, detecting secondary sound source, etc.

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It means, in case the student does any other activity on his / her system apart from giving the test, artificial intelligence starts giving Red Alert / Warning to the student and passes this information to the Live Proctor in text, image & live video format. In case repeated warnings cross a threshold, it will debar the student from continuing the test further.

During the test, all students’ actions and activities will be recorded and supervised remotely. Proctor gets notified if the student is suspected of cheating through a detailed log of suspicious browser activity and audio-visual events that get recorded during the exam.

Proctor can send a warning to the student at any time through a chat like a proctor can say if he doesn’t like something about the candidate surroundings or feels he needs to sit straight etc.

After the test, all suspicious activity logs are then checked by the Examination Supervisor who refers to the candidate images that are captured periodically and recorded along with all the warnings that were generated during the test.

Using technology to ensure the right talent is rewarded, FIITJEE is the first institute in the country to conduct the Proctored Online Scholarship and Admission Test (POSAT).


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