Ex-Finance Minister P Chidambaram, “Govt needs to put money in the hands of poor for demand growth”


Speaking in the parliament on Friday, Congress leader and ex-finance minister P. Chidambaram said, “A classic solution for reviewing the sluggish economy is by putting money into the hands of ‘masses and not class,’ but this government will not do it because it is a suit-boot ki sarkar.”

While addressing the parliament on NRC-NPR-CAA and recently announced Union Budget 2020, P. Chidambaram said, “The problem with the economy is there is no demand, people are not buying goods and services and the reason behind it is that people don’t have money.”

“The demand is more constraint,” he added.

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“We have a classic situation for this situation. Put the money into the hands of the masses and not classes but as we know this government will not do that because it is a suit-boot ki Sarkar,” Chidambaram added.

Further adding to the statement, he said, “The history of freedom has been such that people of the country stood against the injustice. Complete obedience is a mark of a dictator. Satyagraha, civil disobedience is the DNA of DNA given by Mahatma Gandhi.”


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