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Ethos Appoints Vijay Ratnam As India Managing Director



Ethos, a U.S. based online life insurance provider has announced the appointment of Vijay Ratnam as the new India Managing Director.

In this role, Vijay will lead the company’s organizational culture, strategic resource management, and planning for growth and expansion in India.

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Vijay has over three decades of experience in the tech and IT industry across leading companies in India and overseas. He has been deeply involved in mentoring talent and talent management, as well as collaborating across departments, all with an eye on keeping organizational processes efficient and effective.

Vijay spent more than a decade operating and managing in the tech sector across companies in the U.S. Before joining Ethos, Vijay held leadership positions at Cohesity, Dgraph Labs, ThoughtSpot, Citrix, NetScaler, and Oracle among others.

Speaking about the appointment, Peter Colis, CEO, of Ethos, said, “Last year Ethos established its India footprint and launched a full-stack office in Bengaluru. We have onboarded a team of high-quality tech talent that is contributing to our overall product innovation, new product launches, and customer experience. The response has been remarkable, and we are excited to see the progress made so far.”

“We plan to continue to grow our world-class Engineering and Product teams in India by leveraging the incredible pool of technical talent available locally, and Vijay will be instrumental in helping us achieve this. Ethos India is a strong component of our global workforce, representing nearly all parts of our business. Together, we are poised to achieve remarkable milestones and contribute to Ethos’ continued success on the global stage,” he added.

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Commenting on joining the board, Vijay Ratnam, India Managing Director, Ethos said, “I am thrilled to join the team and embark on this exciting journey at Ethos India. What began as a modest team in 2022 has now evolved into a significant force. India hosts one of the world’s largest reservoirs of tech and analytics talent. Our strategic vision involves establishing a significant business delivery team in India and assembling a cadre of specialists. We aim to achieve our mission of making life insurance accessible and affordable for all, positively impacting the lives of millions.”


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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
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