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Delhi’s Financial Budget 2021-22: The Progression of the Education System



The Deputy CM of Delhi announced the Delhi budget for the financial year 2021-22 on Tuesday. The theme of the budget was patriotism (Desh Bhakti).

Under the theme, to instill a sense of patriotism among pupils, Delhi schools will introduce a patriotic syllabus.

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In the Delhi budget of the financial year 2021-22 there is an allotment of INR 16,377 crores for education. This is a commendable step because education is the most crucial element in the evolution of a nation. 

The Education sector got the highest share i.e. 25% of the total budget. The decision of celebrating 75th Independence Day by organizing programs for 75-weeks is praise-worthy.

The allocation of INR 20 crore for the ‘Desh bhakti periods’ in city schools for this 75-week long celebration is a tremendous step taken by the government of Delhi to awaken patriotism in school students. If such hardcore patriots will be holding a government office, then the corruption will sweep away. 

The Financial Budget of Delhi focuses on education, it aims to transform the existing educational framework into an advanced one. Even after 75 years of independence, 95% of India’s population does not have access to quality education.

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Education is the ultimate way for any developing nation to uplift its social and economic status. Education transforms an individual completely from inside as well as outside, it revamps one’s mind and personality.

Quality education is a human right that provides the foundation for equity in society. It not only empowers but also enlightens a citizen and lets it contribute to its maximum possible extent.

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Therefore, it is high time to make education a public movement. Several courses of action have been taken by the Delhi government for 6 years to promote education.

Highlights of the Education Sector of the Delhi Budget 2021-22 : 

●    The establishment of new army schools and armed forces preparatory academies in Delhi will open up opportunities for students to enter the Indian army as well as NDA.  

●    Establishment of a Sainik school in Delhi

●    The introduction of the new syllabus for the students of Nursery to class 8

●    Establishment of a New Delhi school education board

●    Establishment of 100 schools of excellence

●    Introduction of Virtual Delhi Model Schools that will run on the principle of any time learning, anywhere living, anytime testing. 

●    Virtual Delhi Model Schools are one of their kind as they possess unique experimentation for regular teaching, learning, and interaction between students and teachers. This project will benefit many students that reside in remote parts of the country. It will give them access to the Delhi education model, from anywhere in the country. 

●    The creation of a Sports University will streamline sports facilities and nurture sports talent. This initiative will prepare students for world-class competitions that may produce international medal winnings. 

●    Set up a voluntary mentorship program namely, “Youth for Education” – under this program, the students will help other students. 

●    The Delhi government will soon inaugurate the Delhi Law University. 

We are glad to hear the announcement made for the education sector in the budget of Delhi. Education for a long time has been served on the sidelines of the Indian schooling system and with this push, we are delighted that this initiative will create better experts and in general an effective instructive education system in the country. We are optimistic that this financial budget will yield great results to the education sector. 


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Vivek K Singh
Vivek K Singh
Vivek K Singh is a Co-founder and CEO of Careerera

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