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Data Science Industry Becoming More Propitious Field for Young Minds



The Scope of Data science has emerged as an attractive career option for freshers and professionals as well. Almost every industry, whether it be Retail, healthcare, IT, telecommunication, or finances and insurance, all have opened their doors for the role of data analytics professionals. 

Data has become an essential part of our life even the google map is wholly dependent on Data to commute you to your destination. Data is one of the fast-growing and valuable commodities. It is the future oil.

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Today’s most jobs are focused on data from social media to apps that we use daily.

All over the world, organizations are focusing on methods to organize and harness the data for their strategic goals. Advertising, product designing, and implementing strategy are powered by data. The jobs related to data are growing across the globe.

Career Scope:

A career in Data Science is promising and it is one of the growing industries. The rising demands of data scientists in the current landscape are being considered the hottest job of the century. The scope of Data science is very wide and alluring. Being a data scientist covers a range of professions which include engineers, computer scientists, statisticians, physicists, operations researchers, actuaries, and machine learners.

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Skills Required:

To opt for data science as a career option, students could get a Bachelor’s degree in Mathematics and Statistics, Computer Science, Physics, Applied Mathematics, Social Science, and Engineering. The degree of any of these courses will help students. After completing the bachelor’s degree students need to enroll in a Master Programme which is related to Data Science.

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Besides, one can bring:

  • Knowledge of Good Statistical and data mining Techniques.
  • Command over programming languages, and good knowledge in machine learning and advanced analytics.
  • Ability to analyze issues, identify causes, and recommend solutions quickly.
  • Creativity to invent new techniques.

In the Current Scenario Companies across various countries and regions are offering a handsome package to hire skilled and well-qualified data, science professionals.

Almost all industrialized countries are utilizing data science in some amount, shape, or form and data scientists are in demand in most countries. The topmost countries that pay the most to Data Scientists are the USA, Switzerland, Norway, Australia, Canada, Germany, South Africa, France, Netherlands, and the UK. 

According to the Bureau of Labour Statistics the job outlook for computer and information research scientists, data scientists is projected to grow by at least 19 percent by 2026. List of the top data science companies across the globe in which every aspiring learner should apply are Microsoft, Facebook, IBM, Amazon, Google, Apple, Oracle, JP Morgan, Fractal Analytics, and Crayon Data. 

India is also not lagging to promote the job of Data Scientists and the five biggest companies in India that tremendously demand data Scientists are Fractal Analytics, Accenture, IBM, Absolute data, and Genpact.

Data is a very reliable tool for various sectors. Almost all companies are using data analyzing tools to draw meaningful insights for their Future Growth. If a company uses its data well then data science definitely can add value to their business. 

As the demand for Data Science professionals in the coming years grows tremendously and mostly both new and old companies are starting to invest in this field without limits on the right professionals. So, begin your career today and be a part of a highly desired talent pool.


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Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Sharma
Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Sharma
Dr. Sanjeev Kumar Sharma is Dean Academics and Professor in Sanskriti University Mathura, and holds over 23 years of experience in Computer Science.

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