Coronavirus outbreak: Kerala Govt to treat china returnees as criminals if they dodge health officials


The government of Kerala which declared novel coronavirus as the ‘state calamity’ on Monday, is now planning to treat all the China returnees who dodges heath officials as criminals.

In an interview with one of India’s leading newspapers the Hindustan Times, Kerala Minister KK Shailaja said, “We have declared the novel coronavirus as a ‘State calamity,’ not to trigger panic in the state but to create more awareness and care.

“Two thousand two hundred and thirty-nine personas are under the observation, and 84 are admitted to various hospital,” she said.

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Speaking on the preparations, KK Shailaja told the newspaper that, “We have kept enough isolation wards ready. But it is sad to see some returnees dodge health officials despite our vigilance.”

“Which is dangerous, and if they continue to skip the health scan, then we will have to treat it as a crime,” the minister said.

Till to-date over 20,438 cases of coronavirus infection have been reported globally, and 350 deaths have been confirmed in China.


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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
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