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Congress fails to bring back Net Neutrality, Ajit Pai celebrates

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Net Neutrality a concept brought by the United States, which stated that all websites and services used by the citizens must be treated equally in the eyes of an ISP (Internet Service Provider).

Net Neutrality allows all users to access any portal on the internet, without the government selecting which website gets faster internet access.

The new Congress composed mostly of Democrats failed to bring back Net Neutrality making FCC chairman Ajit Pai rejoice.

Ajit Pai was the main force behind removing Net Neutrality. He spoke about how pleased he was when a substantial majority of the United States House of Representatives ‘declined to reinstate heavy-handed Internet Regulation.’ While casting the required votes ‘for’ or ‘against’ Net Neutrality, the Democrats fell short of 30 votes which would have put the Congressional Review Act into effect, and brought back Net Neutrality, much to
Pai’s chagrin.

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According to Senator Brian Schatz, it’s important that all Congress members are on board and that they go on the record and state whether they agree or disagree with what the commission has done.

Pai has provided a vague list of reasons as to why Net Neutrality shouldn’t reinstate.

It is still unclear whether Pai’s rules have had any positive influence. Broadband investment is still unaffected, despite a $2 billion tax break given to cable companies. The new rules are under scrutiny and are facing several legal challenges.


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