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In the Union Budget 2023-24, Zamit Founder Aarul Malviya hopes to see digital learning prioritized

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As the Indian government prepares to announce its Union Budget 2023-24, Aarul Malviya, Founder of Zamit, an AI-powered edtech solutions provider, has shared his expectations for the upcoming budget.

Speaking about Budget 2023 expectations, Malviya highlighted the importance of digital learning in the post-pandemic era and called for the government to prioritize the foundational infrastructure for digital learning in the budget.

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“The pandemic has accelerated a shift towards hybrid learning, leading to a boom in edtech startups and the incorporation of digital mediums and formats in traditional educational institutions, and stressed that financial and policy incentives, such as tax support and subsidies for private players, should be provided to boost investment in the digital learning infrastructure,” Malviya continued.

Furthermore, Malviya called for the budget to incentivize instructors and teachers to improve their teaching methods and techniques in addition to infrastructure improvement. This can enhance the quality of teaching and play a pivotal role in students’ learning.

Added to the wishlist, Malviya urged the government to bridge the access divide between students who have access to education and those who do not and has called for financial support for students who wish to study and for companies to work towards ensuring no child is deprived of education.

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