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Brick&Bolt launches ‘Contactless Construction’ service to deliver dream homes to customers



In a bid to provide customers with a safer, convenient, and virtual alternative to build their dream homes, India-based construction company Brick&Bolt has announced the launch of the “Contactless construction” service for its customers.

“The pandemic has complicated both short-term and long-term plans for many, as people are now worried about the challenges that will accompany house construction. By introducing ‘Contactless Construction’, Brick&Bolt has not only ensured customers’ safety through social distancing but has also allowed them to track the progress of their homes through its tech platform,” Brick&Bolt in its statement said.

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“With contactless construction, customers can work with contractors and project managers over the phone or video conferencing. Documents can also be signed electronically. Customers can also approve plans, track real-time progress, and monitor every aspect of the project virtually. With a designated project manager and the use of multiple technology platforms, the company ensures no quality check is missed during the construction process,” it added.

Commenting on the announcement, Jayesh Rajpurohit, Co-Founder & CEO, Brick&Bolt said, “Lockdowns and social distancing made the pandemic particularly difficult for home builders. We wanted to build an alternative construction model that integrates safety, construction technology, and customer comfort with on-ground construction activity. Through ‘Contactless Construction’, we have created a virtual system that facilitates quality assurance, better communication, and collaboration between contractors, customers, and vendors, all within the comfort of the customer’s home. It is one step forward in delivering on our promise to make construction transparent, predictable, and truly digitized.”


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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
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