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Avesthagen Consolidates its Position with an Innovative Platform for Precision Diagnostics



Avesthagen Limited, India’s pioneering Systems biology genomics company, has launched AVGEN Diagnostics, the first fully integrated end-to-end personalized genetic testing service. The innovative platform employs the latest in NGS sequencing technology and AI driven precision analytics that drive diagnostic testing services at B2C, B2B levels forging partnerships with hospitals, private clinics and health insurers. The portfolio includes tests for common diseases, customized panels for different disease conditions and comprehensive disease risk panels, interpreting all genes associated with the patient’s phenotype.

AVGEN Diagnostics address the $15bn global genetic diagnostic testing market through AvestaScan, its portfolio of NGS-driven tests that cover Whole Genome Sequencing, Whole Exome Sequencing and CALiBRx (Directed Panel Sequencing) for early diagnosis and risk management of heritable conditions. The portfolio addresses Cancers, Cardiac Care Diagnostics, Neurodegenerative conditions, Autoimmune conditions, Rare diseases, pharmacogenomics, ancestry analysis and a unique set of tests for women’s health-reproductive genomics and fertility testing, Carrier Screening, and Pre-Natal Diagnostics with precision analytics powered by Congenica, UK a digital health company, that enables precision medicine through its AI-powered diagnostic decision support platform for genomic data.

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The partnership with Congenica’s knowledge base of comprehensive disease risk associated genome variant panels, enables screening for more mutations than any other service. It comes amidst efforts in the genomics market to develop precision diagnostics for unique patient groups defined by a genetic profile. The portfolio offers a thorough and cost-effective diagnostic tool for individuals with distinctive clinical features and rapid interpretation of next-generation sequencing data with confidence, improving patient outcomes, and reducing the burden on healthcare systems.

AVGEN Diagnostics will be uniquely supported by the R&D outcomes of its flagship, The Avestagenome Project, which will provide accelerated and continuous innovation to create a pipeline of novel diagnostic tests, enabling best-in-class patient care. The Avestagenome Project uses Congenica’s variant prioritization platform for its projects that include screening of the Zoroastrian Parsi Female Reference Genome and the Male Reference Genome for Clinically actionable variants, Clinical study of Pancreatitis, Type 1 Diabetes and Ulcerative Colitis among Zoroastrian Parsi family cohorts from The Avestagenome Project.

AvestaScan offers the best-in-class NGS sequencing services through Wipro Limited and its NABL 15289 and CAP-certified labs. Wipro, who is Avesthagen preferred partner for Avesthagen’s R&D project titled ‘”Cancer Risk Assessed by NGS profiling of Circulating free DNA and RNA for Lung Cancer Project related Genomics Sequencing services'” will develop a liquid biopsy-based test, for predicting early risk for lung cancer. The portfolio’s cutting- edge AI-driven genomics interpretation is powered by Congenica, Cambridge, UK, Avesthagen’s exclusive analytics partner in the Indian Market for its commercial genetic testing portfolio.

AvestaScan will be offered through strategic partnerships with multi-speciality hospitals, super speciality clinics and Diagnostic chains for the India launch, followed by expansion in South Asia, Southeast Asia and the MENA through focussed B2B and B2C commercialization partners.

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Dr. Villoo Morawala Patell, Chairperson and Managing Director of Avesthagen and The Avestagenome Project, said, “Our genetic testing service aims to consolidate all the critical genetic biomarkers into a single, effective, and comprehensive testing platform that de-risk individual health by identifying clinical variants especially in those with genetic predisposition to heritable disorders that would otherwise require time-consuming sequential gene tests. Our partnership with Congenica enables us to accelerate preventive and early diagnosis to deliver personalized medicine across India.”

About Avesthagen
Set up in 2001, Avesthagen is an India-based globally-focused biotechnology company with a corporate mission to utilize innovative science to develop new products and novel technologies for predictive, preventive and personalized healthcare through the convergence of food, pharmaceuticals and population genetics. Through the Avestagenome Project, it has been championing the cause of genomic data bias where India with 1.3 billion people represents 20% of the world’s population but contributes less than 1% of genomic data and insights.

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For more information, please visit: www.avesthagen.com.


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