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Appreciating Your Employees: Why It Matters And How To Do It Right



Feeling appreciated is important to everyone. In the workplace, feeling appreciated can be the difference between an employee who goes the extra mile and an employee who doesn’t care. As a business owner or manager, it’s important to show your employees that you appreciate them. Not only will it make them feel good, but it will also encourage them to work harder and be more productive. There are many ways to show your employees that you appreciate them. Here are a few of the best:

Praise Them With Kind Words

There’s nothing more motivating than hearing kind words of appreciation from the people you work for. So make sure to take the time to actively praise your employees, whether it’s in a one-on-one conversation or during a team meeting. Be specific about what they did well and how it benefited the company or team. Many people love being praised with kind words, and in the workplace, it means so much more. Often employees seek recognition for their hard work and effort, so make sure to give it to them. As an employer, you want your employees to go home and feel that they did a good job that day and will continue to work hard.

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Give Them Small Gifts

For some, a small gift can say more than words ever could. If you see an employee going above and beyond, show your appreciation with a small gift, such as a gift card or a box of chocolates. There are various types of gift cards you can consider, from coffee shop gift cards for a midday pick-me-up to a turkey voucher for your staff to use for hosting their family festive party.

Receiving gifts can make employees feel valued and recognized for their hard work, which will lead to increased job satisfaction and motivation. You can also improve relationships that may be strained by giving thoughtful gifts tailored to the individual’s interests.

Offer Flexible Working Hours Or An Extra Day Or Two Off

Flexible hours and days off are two of the most popular benefits that employees look for in a job. If you can offer either of these things, your employees will definitely appreciate it.

Even if you can’t offer these all the time, offering them on occasion will show your employees that you care about their work-life balance. Employees work hard and deserve the opportunity to have some flexibility in their schedule, to maintain a healthy and happy life outside of work.

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As an employer, it’s important to recognize and value this. Happy employees are more productive and more likely to stay with your company for the long term. In addition, by keeping your employee turnover as low as possible, you can save time and money on constantly hiring and training new employees.

Give Them Opportunities For Growth And Development

Giving your employees opportunities for growth and development shows that you are invested in their success. Offer them opportunities for professional development, such as sending them to conferences or providing on-the-job training.

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Allow them opportunities for career advancement by creating a clear promotion process and providing mentorship programs. It’s a common part of human nature to want to be better, and as an employer, you can provide your employees with the resources they need to reach their goals. Providing these opportunities can also benefit your company, as it helps retain talented employees and can lead to increased productivity and innovation.

Show Gratitude In Both Good Times And Bad

It’s easy to show appreciation when things are going well, but it’s just as important to express gratitude during difficult times. This can be as simple as acknowledging the extra effort your employees are putting in to meet a tight deadline or thanking them for their patience during a company transition.

Just as you require support during difficult times, so do your employees. You need to be there for your employees and encourage them to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Once your business has overcome the bad times, don’t forget to show your appreciation for how your employees helped you get through it.

Final Thoughts

Feeling appreciated is important to everyone, especially in the workplace. As a business owner or manager, it’s important to show your employees that you appreciate them with words and actions alike. A little appreciation can go a long way in making someone feel valued and encouraged to work hard. So try some of the methods above to show your employees that you care, and watch as their productivity skyrockets!


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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
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