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3 Reasons why you Should Get a Power Inverter



Getting a power inverter in areas where electricity is in short supply makes for a great purchase decision. Outages can throw our lives out of gear and disrupt our daily activities to the point where it starts hampering our productivity. This is especially true today, as most of us are still either working from home, or have shifted to a hybrid work model, and a constant supply of power is important if we are to stay productive and in business.

In this article, we will look at 3 of the top reasons why you should be getting a power inverter or high-capacity inverter for your home!

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It’s better than getting a generator

It can be argued, that generators are more powerful compared to a power inverters, but that’s not true in today’s day and age. Power inverters are become powerful and efficient to provide support for a variety of electrical appliances including heavy ones such as air conditioners, refrigerators, geysers, pumps, etc. No matter how many appliances you have, you can run them all using an adequately powered inverter.

Moreover, they operate in complete silence as opposed to the diesel guzzling generators that not only make a lot of noise but also release a constant flurry of harmful gases into the environment. So, getting a power inverter makes total sense, as it can run all of your appliances while being kinder to the environment. That’s like hitting two birds with one stone!

Comes in Impressive Design Options

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The power inverters of today are aesthetically designed to add to the overall look of your home. Gone are the days when they used to be bulky pieces of hardware that we needed to keep hidden in some corner of the room, or outside the house. Many models can be kept right in the living room as the entire unit comes with no hanging wires, and the batteries are encapsulated within the inverter itself. So, you can go ahead and show it off to the entire world.

Featured Packed for better control

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With the internet of things quickly becoming a part of lives; inverters too are catching up with the trend, and come power-packed with feature sets that make it easier to keep a tab on them and maintain better control. Features like Wi-Connectivity with LED display to keep a watch on all the vital parameters makes it incredibly easy to keep an eye on the vital stats; moreover, you can do so from anywhere in the world using a handy app to ensure that everything is working as intended. A power inverter like Luminous iCruze comes with an LCD screen & Supports Wi-Fi connectivity for remote monitoring through the App.

As we mentioned earlier, a power inverter is no longer a bulky piece of hardware, but they are gotten sleek, compact, and more powerful as the technology progressed. So, if you were thinking of getting one, now is the right time to get one. Luminous has a wide range of power inverters available across a range of power and budget options to suit the needs of every individual.

Moreover, all their products are designed using the highest quality standards and components making them some of the best products in the market. You can also benefit from their extensive service network and get easy access to genuine spare parts, customer support, and technical assistance should you need assistance. So, do check out their entire range of power inverters right away to take your pick.

A power inverter is more of a necessity these days as most of the country still reels under a shortage whenever the demand is high—during the peak of summers and winters. So, if you want to stay productive, comfortable and in control of the power situation, you must get a power inverter right away.


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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
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