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Google faces heat from U.S Senate Committe due to Privacy Violations



Tech giant Google will now acknowledge its mistakes on privacy issues in a testimony that will be delivered to a U.S Senate committee.

“We acknowledge that we have made mistakes in the past, from which we have learned, and improved our robust privacy program,” Google chief privacy officer Keith Enright will say in written testimony before the Senate Commerce Committee.

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Google will testify alongside AT&T Inc (T.N), Amazon.com Inc (AMZN.O), Apple Inc (AAPL.O), and other companies amid growing concerns about data privacy.

The written testimony by Google did not mention specific goof-ups in privacy, however, the leading search engine firm has been under scrutiny for various privacy issues. For instance, in 2012, Google paid out a record $22.5 million civil penalties to settle Federal Trace Commission charges on grounds of misrepresenting the Apple Safari Internet browser. Similarly, in August this year, the company was sued and accused of illegal tracking of millions of iPhone and Android phone users.

In the wake of massive violation committed by the tech behemoth, stringent regulations are imposed and it is now to be seen how Google turns the table and cope with the issues.


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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
Founder, CEO & Group Editor of TechGraph.

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