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Why Playing Sudoku Requires Skill and Never Luck



Today, when the world is stuck with strict social distancing and lockdown guidelines, it has affected people’s mental health in ways we cannot imagine. After all, they hardly have people to interact with directly apart from the ones at home. So in this time, when people feel isolated, and there are complaints of people being dragged into a state of depression, online games have become a savior.

While other online games are more of a refreshing kind, a few require your presence of mind and strong cognitive skills for a win. However, if you are searching for both fun and self-improvement, there are multiple games available online to let you achieve your goals. One of them is Sudoku. A Hindustan Times article indicated how Sudoku crossword puzzles could help improve your logical reasoning skills. Hence, you can understand how effective it can be for you to regularly play this number logic game and enhance your mental abilities.

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Remember how you used to enjoy solving a game of Sudoku in the newspaper? You might not have played the game for a long time as, of course, you are busy fulfilling your personal and professional commitments. However, this lockdown and Work From Home schedule has allowed you to enjoy the game one more time, and that too on your portable device. All you need is to go for Sudoku download and start playing.

If you are among those who have never played Sudoku before but want to give it a try to enhance cognitive skills, various sources will help you learn how to play the game. However, one thing to refrain from believing is that the game of Sudoku is a game of luck. It’s not. Winning the puzzle is completely based on the skills you have.

Therefore, when you play this game, you should remember the following things:

Knowing the rules

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One of the first things to keep in mind is the rules. As a player, you need to be aware of the guidelines to be followed to play Sudoku. If you do not know how to play the game, winning is far from you. Note that there are 9×9 boxes where you have to place numbers from 1-9 without repeating any of these in any of the rows and columns; this means you can place a number only once in each row, column, and square region. So, be careful.

Relying on luck

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If you are among those who think you can put just any number, and it would go in a sequence with the rest, making it a win for you, you are wrong. If you have been a long-time player of the game, you might be aware of how difficult it is to win the game. Even a slight mistake makes the player hassled.

Thus, it would help if you were focused on not placing any number randomly. For the beginners, who have never played it before, it is obvious to get confused and think that if they are lucky, they can win. Gradually, however, they understand that they can win if they have the required skills.

It’s all about logic

Sudoku is considered a logic number puzzle because the players need to use their reasoning skills while choosing the numbers to fit in the correct spaces. First, they have to analyze all the digits from 1-9 to find the correct ones to suit a grid or square. The players need to focus on each present and missing number in the rows and columns to figure out the naked and hidden singles and couples to be considered for each square. All these things involve logic, and the players, therefore, get a chance to broaden their ways of thinking to find the perfect matching number for the boxes.

No guessing

If you think putting any number randomly in the boxes can help, you are mistaken. Guesswork will only waste your time. Putting in the numbers in the boxes and removing them again will only kill time. Thus, it is recommended to go for pencil marking or scanning the numbers only when you are sure of the pair of digits to be considered for each box. It would be best if you refrained from stuffing digits unnecessarily in the same box only to remove it later on. Thus, avoid guessing the numbers. Would you mind entering digits only when you are sure of them?

Players should have a love for numbers

Play Sudoku only if you love numbers and like playing with them. Besides enhancing your cognitive abilities, especially logical reasoning skills, this game is fun and offers exciting experiences to share with friends. In addition, there is a timer setting when you play the game online. The timer will help you check how fast your brain works on a number problem. Playing Sudoku online or offline will also improve your calculation speed. Try it!

Presence of mind

Last but not least is to have the presence of mind. If you do not possess that, you will remain slow. Now, to make sure you are alert enough to detect the numbers for each row and column, you will have to choose a silent place to play your game. Be far off from distractions and see how quickly you get to the required numbers.

If you go through the above points, you will understand how your skills and efforts make you win Sudoku and not luck. Random placement of numbers or guesswork will lead you nowhere.

Thus, it’s time to get out of such a myth and build your logical reasoning skills to solve the number puzzle as fast as possible.
If you don’t have anything for playing the game offline, you are free to download the online version and register with the chosen site to begin your game right away!


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