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A Brief Guide to Poker Basics



Poker is one of the most popular casino games for a reason. It is entertaining, but unlike slots or roulette, poker requires concentration, dedication, and a bit of luck. If you always wanted to give poker a try but didn’t know where to start, we have you covered. This brief guide covers the game’s basic terms, variants, and tips, and helps you get your basics straight.

Tip: If you are new to the game, use demo versions to the max to better grasp the game. Luckily, most online casinos, like https://piratespot1.com/en/livecasino/, offer a wide array of free trials.

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Hand Ranking

Poker Hand Value
Royal Flush10♦, J♦, Q♦, K♦, A♦Cards of the same suit from 10 to Ace.
Straight Flush6♠, 7♠, 8♠, 9♠, 10♠Five consecutive cards of the same suit.
Four-of-a-Kind8♠, 8♦, 8♣, 8♠, 10♥  Four cards of the same value plus one card of another denomination.
Full HouseK♠, K♦, K♠, J♥, J♣Three cards of the same denomination plus a pair of cards of another denomination.
FlushA♠, J♠, 10♠, 3♠, 2♠  Five cards of the same suit in a haphazard order.
Straight5♣, 6♥,7♦, 8♥, 9♠Five cards of different suits in sequential order.
Three-of-a-Kind6♦, 6♠, 6♥, K♠, 8♥Three cards of the same rank. 
Two Pair7♠, 7♦, 5♣, 5♥, 2♥Two sets of paired cards.
One Pair10♦,10♠, Q♣, 7♦, 6♥Two paired cards.
High CardJ♠, 7♥, 4♦, 6♠, 3♣Also known as no pair, the weakest combination.

Poker has hole cards (cards dealt facedown) and community cards (dealt on the table and used by all players). A poker hand is a set of five cards. They fall into ten categories and have different ranks.

Poker Variants

The sheer number of poker variants can be confusing. So, let’s look at the most popular ones:

  • Texas hold’em. This is by far the most popular poker version. Each player is dealt two hole cards, which can be combined with five community cards on the table.
  • Omaha. One of the most popular variants. In the beginning, you have only four cards.
  • Stud. Depending on the stud variant, you start with five or seven cards. Professional poker players often play a five-card draw.
  • Draw. In this variant, each player starts with a complete hand, which is replaced as the game progresses.

Chip Ranking

Poker chips are ranked by color. White is typically the lowest denomination, followed by red, blue, green, black, purple, yellow, and orange. Although casinos strive for consistency, the color value can shift sometimes. Be sure to always check out the chip value before the game. Here are the typical chip values in brick-and-mortar casinos:

White – $1

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  • Red – $5
  • Blue – $10
  • Green – $25
  • Black – $100
  • Purple – $500
  • Yellow – $1,000
  • Pink – $5,000

Depending on the occasion, playing in a tournament or having a game night with friends, the value of chips will change.

Before embarking on your poker journey, study the basics. Poker is a game of skill that demands dedication and practice. Luckily, by using online casinos’ demo versions, you can develop your skills, practice poker hands, and figure out your favorite poker variant in no time.

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