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VingaJoy launches its first ‘Hum Safar’ smartwatch



India-based consumer electronic brand VingaJoy has announced the launch of its foray into the smartwatch category with the launch of its first smartwatch VingaJoy W -300 HUM SAFAR.

VingaJoy W – 300 HUM SAFAR is a next-generation smartwatch that combines sports functionality and health management into one simple-to-use and affordable smartwatch. The watch is compatible with smartphones and is designed to complement both – men and women.

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With the increasing focus on health and wellness, VingaJoy W – 300 HUM SAFAR features all the basic specifications for fitness and is majorly designed for those who prefer to be in the sporty mode and have their focus on fitness. VingaJoy W – 300 HUM SAFAR smartwatch tracks blood pressure, oxygen level, sleep monitoring, and heart rate tracking.

Other smartwatch features include Bluetooth calling support, which allows customers to answer calls right from the wrist. The wristwatch includes a dialer, microphone, and speaker. It includes Notification alerts, Speaker calling, and multitasking from the wrist itself.

The VingaJoy W – 300 is powered with Bluetooth V5.0, and with these advanced features, the company claims to offer superior connectivity over a longer range while providing efficient power management to ensure longer battery life. When paired with your smartphone, it assists you with notifications and calls, and more.

VingaJoy W -300 HUM SAFAR is lightweight and slim, skin-friendly, and comes with Full Metal Body that allows users to wear the watch freely under extreme weather conditions or during an intense work-out session. The smart sensor feature of the smartwatch makes the watch smarter and more advanced to monitor all inbuilt technical features and analyze your body.

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Commenting on the launch, Lalit Arora, Co-Founder, VingaJoy said, “We are thrilled to introduce our foray into the smartwatch category. Today, smart wearables have become an essential part of the youth’s lifestyle and VingaJoy has always taken pride in leading the conversation regarding youth fashion and tech trends. We are excited to cater to the needs of the youth who are always looking for something new and fashionable.”


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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
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