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Peeking into the World of Android 9 Pie



While Android Oreo (8.0) went through a few background changes that escaped the attention of users, the all-new Android 9 Pie is ready to change the dynamics. Powered by a ton of user-facing feature changes alongside UI altercations, the new Android OS is touted to be a step ahead of its erstwhile variants.

With the introduction of the updated Material Design spec to Android 9 Pie, all the UIs are about to go through a major facelift. In the Android ecosystem, this implies restructured interfaces for notification panel, recent apps, settings, various segments of UI, and more. Keeping the requirements of the upcoming Smartphones in view, Android 9 includes an experimental gesture navigation system along with a built-in notch support. Asides, there is a brand new screenshot editor, improved text selection, and hot new changes to screen orientation functionalities.

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All in all, the new Android 9 Pie is all set to disrupt the Smartphone market. Espoused by a plethora of new updates, functionalities, and major changes in appearance, this Android OS might turn out to be an absolute gamechanger.


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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
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