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Flipkart adds MediaTek’s MT8516 to its new MarQ smart home speaker



India-based eCommerce company, Flipkart, has announced its partnership with MediaTek for the launch of its new premium range of MarQ smart home speakers.

The company in its statement said, “Featuring the matte black finish to accentuate the Indian home décor. The new MarQ smart home speakers will be powered by MediaTek’s ultra-efficient MT851, and will have a 2-mic development kit for voice systems.”

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“Engineered for a rich music experience with 6W speakers for better sound and music experience. The new MarQ home speakers come with the voice-controlled feature,” the statement said.

Adding a statement, the company said, “Featuring Google Assistant in Hindi and English language. The new MarQ home speakers allow users to control everything with just their voice. These new smart speakers can be used to dim the lights, pause the TV, or to turn on the AC as it is compatible with several popular smart devices from renowned brands.” 

“With two far-field mics, the speaker is designed to listen better and process voice commands easily. Featuring two embedded far-field microphones, the speaker offers hands-free usage from anywhere in the house. With a molded body and soft fabric finish, the smart speaker also offers a three-month free subscription to JioSaavn Pro for all your music requirements,” it added.

Commenting on the launch, Daniel Lin, Deputy Director for Emerging Markets at MediaTek said, “Content consumption in India has been increasing, aided by smart devices. Our collaboration with Flipkart will enable the roll-out of the new and interactive MarQ Smart Home Speakers equipped with voice assistant services. With enhanced speakers for a rich audio experience and interactive voice command, the MarQ speaker is an excellent addition to a smart home. MediaTek is focused on enabling ‘Make in India’ initiatives through associations with domestic device makers and we look forward to a long and fruitful relationship with Flipkart.”

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“The smart speaker is embedded with MediaTek’s MT8516 kit, an integrated hardware and software solution ideal for a wide range of voice assistant devices and audio applications. The solution features a quad-core ARM Cortex-A35 application processor, operating up to 1.3 GHz to process user inputs faster. The development kit provides a highly integrated and cost-competitive solution with both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth capabilities built-in, and also integrates audio front-end and post-processing technologies. With MT8516, audio manufacturers can reduce the development time, effort and costs associated with designing and customizing smart speaker products,” the statement added.

Further adding to the statement, Dev Iyer, Vice President – Private Brands at Flipkart, said: “MarQ has continued to bring innovative offerings to the market, with products that are crafted to meet the needs of Indian consumers. With MarQ Smart Speakers, we aim to fulfil the aspirations of Indian consumers who are looking to adopt a smarter living. Besides serving as a high-quality, contemporary music assistant, the Smart Speakers will allow consumers to get updates for almost anything, with the option of managing the device in Hindi, as we see the ‘smart trend’ move beyond just the metro markets. Made in India for Indian consumers, the MarQ Smart Speakers not only boost local manufacturing capabilities but also address the growing consumer need to lead a smart and technologically advanced lifestyle.”

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