CMR: The 5G enabled device shipment in India is expected to grow by 140 million by 2025

According to the ‘APs of Mobile Handset Industry report 2019‘, the shipment of 5G enabled smartphones in India is expected to grow by 140 million.”

In a report, the Gurgaon based technology market research firm CyberMedia Report (CMR), said that “The shipment of the 5G enabled smartphone is expected to grow by around 250 percent by 2025 on the back of a slow and gradual uptake.”

CRM in its statement said that “By coming months, many smartphone brands would be looking to showing off their prototype or 5G ready devices and the initial 5G enabled device is expected to be at a high price point with an uber-requirement segment.”

Prabhu Ram, Head of Industry Intelligence Group (IIG), GMR in its statement said that “Smartphone brands, like OPPO and others, are likely to be the technology leaders in the 5G era.”

He added, “At CMR, we anticipate 5G to attain scale from 2022 onwards, As on date there are various critical themes at play including the impending 5G spectrum allocation later this year as well as the necessary technical and for upgrading the infrastructure which required for 5G.”