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How To Become A Private Tutor



If you’re looking for a job you can do from home, and that means you can use all your skills and help others, becoming a private tutor might be just the thing that fits the bill.

Not only does it mean you can share your expertise and passion with others, but it also offers you the chance to make a truly meaningful impact on other people’s lives, and that is a hugely positive and rewarding thing to do.

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However, becoming a private tutor isn’t just about starting to advertise and hoping you get clients; there’s more to it than that, so keep reading to find out more.

What’s Your Expertise?

The first crucial step in becoming a private tutor is to identify exactly where your area of expertise lies. This could be maths, languages, creative writing, science, music, art, computing, or anything else. As long as you’re good and you have a passion for the subject, you can pick anything at all – you need to enjoy the subject yourself if you’re going to teach it, so that’s very important to bear in mind.

Once you know where your expertise lies, you’ll need to think about qualifications. It might be that you already have the qualifications you need, but if not, it’s wise to sign up for classes or even go to college to get a degree or some kind of certification. Although this might feel like a paper exercise, if you have a relevant qualification, you’ll be able to prove to people that you’re the right tutor to choose, so it will help you in the long run.

Know Your Target Audience

The interesting thing about being a private tutor is that you don’t just have to focus on teaching children; many adults are keen to top up their skills or gain new ones for a lot of different reasons – perhaps they didn’t make the most of their time at school, or maybe they want to learn new skills for a new career. That means you need to know your target audience and whether you’re going to tutor adults or children.

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Once you know who your target audience is, you can start advertising to them in a way that they’ll be interested in, and that brings you plenty of customers.

It’s possible to teach everyone, but if you do this, it’s a lot more hard work for you, as you’ll need to develop a wide range of teaching plans rather than just one you can stick to for everyone.

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Create Marketing Materials

We mentioned marketing above, and it is a crucial part of becoming a private tutor (or starting any business, come to that), so it’s something you’ll want to have in place before you get started – in fact, without good marketing, you might not be able to get started at all, as you’ll have no clients.

You’ll need a great website, and you might want to consider hiring professionals in educational video production to put together a film for you to use. This is something that big colleges like to make use of, but it could be the ideal way to attract attention to your tutoring site.

Plus, don’t forget about social media; this is where a lot of people will connect with you and perhaps even find out about your services in the first place, so make profiles on the right platforms (this will depend on your target audience) and showcase what you can do.


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