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UnityMeta Token to Launch Limited Edition NFT Collection “Kangaroo Kingdom” on Opensea

UnityMeta Token collaborates with Opensea.io to launch highly anticipated limited edition Kangaroo Kingdom NFTs, offering a gateway to the metaverse and a vibrant community experience.

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UnityMeta Token has unveiled its plans to officially launch Kangaroo Kingdom NFT, a collection of limited edition Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) that is set to redefine the concept of digital ownership.

These NFTs, which have been eagerly anticipated by NFT enthusiasts, will be available for purchase exclusively on the Opensea platform starting from July 20th, 2023.

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Opensea, being one of the largest and most respected NFT marketplaces, provides the ideal platform for art enthusiasts to acquire these unique virtual treasures.

The Kangaroo Kingdom NFT collection goes beyond traditional digital art, offering unique and exclusive assets that embody the essence of creativity and innovation. Each NFT serves as a gateway to the metaverse, a realm of infinite possibilities where individuals can express their individuality and immerse themselves in a vibrant ecosystem.

More than just exquisite pieces of digital art, Kangaroo Kingdom’s NFTs also unlock a thriving community where growth and camaraderie flourish. With only 999 NFTs available, the Kangaroo Kingdom collection presents a rare opportunity for collectors to own a piece of these highly sought-after digital collectibles.

“We are excited to introduce our innovative NFTs to the world,” said a spokesperson for Kangaroo Kingdom. Elaborating on the upcoming launch, they added, “These NFTs transcend the notion of digital assets; they open the doors to a realm where art, technology, and community converge. By embracing this digital revolution, we invite individuals to embark on an exhilarating journey that breaks traditional boundaries.”

The Kangaroo Kingdom aims to establish itself as a leader in the digital art and collectibles industry. With a mission to redefine digital ownership, Kangaroo Kingdom offers limited edition NFTs that embody the perfect blend of art, technology, and community. By providing a gateway to the metaverse, Kangaroo Kingdom aims to unlock a world of limitless possibilities for individuals worldwide.

The launch of Kangaroo Kingdom’s NFTs is made possible through a collaboration with UnityMeta Token (UMT). UnityMeta Token, a decentralized token for NFT and gaming, is hosted on the Binance Blockchain (BEP 20) and has garnered significant acclaim since its international launch in Thailand on December 23rd, 2022. With over 25,000 holders and more than 180,000 transactions on the Binance Smart Chain, UnityMeta Token has quickly become a preferred choice for NFT enthusiasts seeking a secure and efficient blockchain network.

UnityMeta Token’s commitment to scalability and decentralization, combined with its extensive ecosystem featuring the Launchpad, Swap Exchange, DeFi Ecosystem, NFT Marketplace, Game-FI, and Exchange, has solidified its position as the go-to platform for NFT enthusiasts. The collaboration with Kangaroo Kingdom marks a significant milestone for both projects and is poised to ignite excitement and pave the way for a new era of digital ownership.

Furthermore, Kangaroo Kingdom NFT holders will enjoy numerous perks and benefits. With its comprehensive offering and the potential it holds, Kangaroo Kingdom is poised to achieve remarkable success in NFTs. Collectors and art enthusiasts eagerly await the launch of Kangaroo Kingdom NFTs, as they represent an exclusive opportunity to own a piece of this transformative collection.

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