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WPP to invest $380 million in restructuring its ads network



What defines WPP? What makes it so unique? Its professional service firms, advertising and public relations, and its omnichannel commerce business are what makes WPP so great. Coming up with a strategic and well-revised plan, WPP is now seeking growth and following a new vision.

To cope up with a constantly changing marketplace, WPP has incorporated more straightforward, improved offers and a streamlined plan focused solely on the need of the customers and clients.

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To enhance this very proposition, WPP has invested in creativity, technology, and talent. WPP expects an operating profit margin of at least 15% by the end of 2021.

WPP has invested about $320 M in this new plan, and with the calculated rate of profit returns, the company is expecting to recover about $275 M, more than half the amount which will be invested by the company, by the end of 2021.

Talking about what customers need, WPP, CEO Mark Read, said: “The client ​demands are consistent- creativity and help with restructuring their business through technology and innovation.”

WPP refers to its new strategy as “Radical Evolution.” ‘Radical’ because of their taking decisive actions and implementing major changes and ‘Evolution’ because they strive to achieve all this while respecting the originality and constitution of what makes WPP so great today.

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WPP’s new presentation for London Investors will be including the following key points “A much more straightforward and improved offer, A Renewed Commitment to creativity, Technology and Data enhancements, Simpler Structure of planning, Leadership and talent and lastly, Financial targets and future capital. “


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Ashna Khose
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