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U GRO Capital partners with Wadhwani Foundation to help MSMEs thrive in the post-pandemic era



In a bid to accelerate the business growth and development of its MSMEs customers. Mumbai HQ, Small business lending platform U GRO Capital on Tuesday announced its partnership with the Wadhwani Foundation.

“The partnership aims to help U GRO Capital’s client base survive the current COVID-19 crisis and thrive in the post-pandemic era,” U GRO in its press release said.

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“As a part of the partnership, Wadhwani Foundation will work with these MSMEs to identify, consult, co-create, and execute pragmatically and thought through growth plan. The MSMEs can benefit from this partnership by addressing their strategic operational and development needs as a part of Sahayak Stability Program,” the statement added.

Speaking on the partnership, Commenting on the partnership, Shachindra Nath, Executive Chairman and Managing Director of U GRO Capital stated, “U GRO Capital was formed to solve the unsolved credit gap of India’s MSME sector. However, the challenges faced by business owners in the current macro environment are not restricted only to capital requirements. Micro, Small and Medium-sized businesses need a lot more hand-holding across functions like Financial Management, Human Resource, and Succession Planning, Operations, Pricing, Sales Solutions, Digital Transformation, and Customer Experience.” 

“At U GRO Capital, we pride ourselves in going beyond a typical transactional lender-customer relationship. Our customer philosophy is ‘only when you grow, do we grow’. To live up to this philosophy, we make all efforts to provide our customers with every potential opportunity to grow. The partnership with Wadhwani Foundation is an embodiment of that growth commitment to customers,” Shachindra added.

Adding to the statement, Samir Sathe, EVP, Wadhwani Advantage, India, said, “We are excited to partner with U GRO. As the name suggests, we have clear intent to help the MSMEs grow with our advice. We at Wadhwani Foundation as a part of the Advantage Program are focused on aiding small businesses. This partnership will be mutually beneficial for both the organizations involved.” 

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The partnership between organizations will mutually benefit the micro, small and medium enterprises predominantly present in Education, Healthcare, Hospitality, Electrical Equipment, Chemical, FMGC & Food Processing, Auto Components, and Light Engineering sectors.


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