Saudi Arabia cabinet asks OPEC+ countries to reduce oil production rate

The cabinet of Saudi Arabia has urged the OPEC+ countries to reduce the rate of oil production to restore balance in global crude markets.

Quoting to the statement issued by the cabinet, the state news agency (SPA) said, “The cabinet affirmed the kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s endeavor to support the stability of global oil markets.”


“The kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s initiatives aim at urging the countries participating in the OPEC+ agreement and other producing countries to adhere to the cut rates and to provide more reduction in the production to contribute to restoring the desired balance of the global oil market,” the statement read.

On Monday, Saudi Arabia said that “It would add an existing cut by reducing output by another 1 million bpd by next month, equivalent to 1% of global oil supply by squashing total production to 7.5 million bpd, a 40% dip from April.


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