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Public-Private Partnership Proposed to Unlock £225 Bn UK Financial Services Growth



The City of London Corporation has proposed establishing a public-private partnership to oversee a 10-year growth strategy for UK financial and professional services. This collaboration aims to secure a £225 billion GDP boost by 2030.

The plan focuses on increasing investment, digital transition, sustainable finance, and export promotion. A unified strategy is lacking currently, with fragmented government support. “Other countries have well-defined financial sector strategies – the UK does not,” notes the Corporation.

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Implementation guidance is urged for existing reforms like the Mansion House compact, targeting £75 billion in pension fund investments. “Cultural change” is needed to encourage more alternative asset financing.

The Corporation says its proposed partnership would ensure strategy delivery through coordinated oversight. Benchmarking against more centralized Asian models, the UK approach remains siloed.

With projected economic unlocking at stake, the public and private sectors must join forces to create a unified roadmap. While reforms are promising, a cross-industry effort is key to implementation and capturing the UK’s financial services growth potential.

The stakes are immense – £225 billion and beyond. But a clear, collaborative plan promises to propel the UK’s position as a dynamic global financial hub into the next decade and beyond.

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Shanaz Khan
Shanaz Khan
Shanaz Khan, Co-founder, COO & UK Editorial Lead

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