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Prakash Javadekar: Government to export 60 Lakh tonnes of sugar



The Union Cabinet on Wednesday announced to export 60 lakh tonnes of sugar.

Addressing the press in New Delhi, India,  Union Minister for Information & Broadcasting, Prakash Javadekar said, “The cabinet has decided to help farmers directly by depositing money of subsidy into their accounts. The subsidy will be given on 60 lakh tonnes of sugar exports at the rate of Rs 6000 per tonne.” 

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“The farmers will get 3 credits- within 1-week farmers will get Rs 5361 crore, Rs 18,000 crore of export running to be credited to their accounts to the extent of their dues and Rs 3500 crore, the subsidy decided today. It will help 5 crore farmers and 5 lakh workers in various sugar mills,” Javadekar added.


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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
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