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Planning To Start Generating International Sales? This Post Is For You



Whether you’re an established local business or you’ve only recently launched a startup doesn’t matter. Expanding your services to gain sales from international markets could be the key to unlocking the full potential of your brand. It is often the key factor between a good company and a great one.

It might seem like a daunting prospect, but it is more accessible than ever. Better still, there are several ways that you can tackle this challenge. Here are some of the key steps to making it happen.

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Make Your Online Business Open To Global Audience

Before considering the logistics of international order fulfillment, you must consider client accessibility. Adding a Zendesk chatbot to your online platform allows you to support customers in over 100 languages. Better still, the superfast responses will give consumers added confidence in your brand.

On a similar note, you should ensure that your POS systems accept all currencies. Limiting yourself to rupees may alienate some of the international audiences who are not familiar with the currency. At the very least, you should offer USD. However, Euro and GBP are advised. When using your business feels the same as using one in their home nation, conversion rates will improve.

Consider Franchising

The concept of company acquisitions is as strong as ever, which is highlighted by SMFG’s purchase of Fullerton India earlier this year. It is certainly possible for successful organizations to turn their attention to this model as a way to reach new markets. More commonly, brands can look to franchise their company.

As long as you find a reliable owner to take care of the new branch, they can use your existing business model. This helps you grow your presence in another country. While you will only see a percentage of the profits, it requires minimal work from you. And it can be repeated again and again. As franchisees grow their ventures, the overall brand image improves too. Perfect.

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Consider Storage In Other Countries

If you sell software-as-a-service, for example, there are no tangible products. As such, you can instantly send customers the downloads and licenses that they’ve purchased. When selling physical goods, though, order fulfillment can be the biggest challenge. In some cases, customers are happy to wait several weeks. But not often.

We live in a world where people expect their products right away. As Emocrow explains, using the Amazon warehouse solution is arguably the most obvious option. Not least because it also means your products can be listed to their audience. However, other storage facilities are available in a range of countries. If you are able to get products to customers within 48 hours, it will boost your hopes for conversions.

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The Final Word

Ultimately, consumers don’t mind where their products come from. They just want a convenient customer experience that delivers quality products. If you can provide this through new channels for clients in each country, along with great partnerships, you will see stunning results.


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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
Founder, CEO & Group Editor of TechGraph.

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