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Petronet LNG Ltd records the highest profit of Rs 675 crore in Q3



India’s largest liquefied natural gas importer Petronet LNG Ltd on Monday reported a profit of Rs 675 crore in the third quarter of December last year.

Speaking at the earnings call, the company, in its statement said, “The company has recorded a 17 percent increase in its third-quarter profit at Rs 675 crore as compared to last year’s profit of Rs 565 crore for the same quarter last year.”

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“Petronet has processed 233 trillion thermal units (TBtus) of LNG in the last quarter against 2020 TBtus in the same quarter of 2018-19,” the statement said.

Adding to the statement, Petronet said, “Its flagship Dahej import facility in Gujarat operates at around 100 percent of its nameplate capacity and has processed 222 TBTus of LNG against 197 TBtus a year back. Whereas, Kochi terminal handled only 11 TBtus of LNG”

Petronet further added, “The significant increase in profit year to date is due to higher volumes of processing owing to commercial efficacy and better efficiency in operations.”


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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
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