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“No plan to enter in contract or corporate farming,” says Reliance Industries



Reliance Industries on Monday said, “It has no plan to enter in contract or corporate framing and it is committed to empowering farmers.”

“It never bought agriculture land for corporate or corporate or contract farming and has no plan to do so either. Reliance Industries subsidiary Reliance Retail does not purchase food grains directly from farmers,” the statement said.

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“We shall insist on our suppliers to strictly abide by the minimum support price (MSP) mechanism and/or any other remuneration price for farm produce as may be determined by the government,” it added.

Further adding to the statement, Reliance Industries said, “It had never entered into long term procurement contracts to gain an unfair advantage over farmers or sought that its suppliers buy from farmers at less.”

Earlier, in November 2020, Farmers at Delhi Borders announced to boycott Reliance’s products.


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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
Founder, CEO & Group Editor of TechGraph.

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