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LP Logiscience Charts an Ambitious Growth Plan with a CAGR of 30% in the Next 5 years



LP Logiscience, the warehousing and contract logistics arm of the 100 year old legacy brand, Liladhar Pasoo, recently announced an ambitious growth plan, with several new launches and geographical expansions in the pipeline. In the backdrop of COVID, the company has already grown 3X times with their multiclient facilities effectively supported with a strong tech enabled operations that helped them to tide over the challenges and thrive during the tough times. Over the next 5 years, the company aims to further accelerate digital adoption, expand the geographical reach and build state-of-the-art warehousing facilities, keeping in mind a growth target of CAGR 30%.

Mr. Varun Gada, Director, LP Logiscience – a Liladhar Pasoo Company

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Liladhar Pasoo, the parent legacy brand of LP Logiscience, has shaped the logistics sector since its inception in 1919, and today has emerged as one of India’s most experienced integrated logistics and supply chain solutions provider. LP Logiscience was established a decade ago as the warehousing and transportation business arm of the legendary Liladhar Pasoo group and today handles over 3 million sq. ft. of storage space and a reach of 10000+ distribution pin codes PAN India. Since its inception, LP Logiscience has registered an impressive evolution, growing at the rate of 20% – 25% YoY. Now, it is ready for the next phase, with plans to set up state-of-the art warehouses with aggressive tech adoption and greener operations to qualify for environmental certifications that will help the brand to enhance its global reach.

Speaking about the sector at large and the growth trajectory of the company, Mr. Varun Gada, Director, LP Logiscience said, “The inception of LP Logiscience was done with 2 ideologies. One was to improve the overall standard of warehousing and transform it from the ‘godown‘ methodology to a well-structured, scientific approach to creating state-of-the-art storage facilities, and second was the effective and timely adoption of technology to enhance efficiency, not only at the warehousing level but across the supply chain network. And we have been successful in the endeavour and the recent global crisis came as an opportunity to prove our resilience and the value we bring to the table for our clients and stakeholders. With a strong business model supported by an IT backbone, our multiclient warehouse setup offers customisation, and flexibility where our clients can continue to enjoy the superior services while only paying for the storage volume and throughput which has now become the natural extension of our business model. It is safe to say that we have an esteemed list of clienteles that not only values and appreciates the innovations that we bring to their business but is also equally thrilled to experiment and collaborate to solve new challenges with tech led solutions. In the coming years, we aim to continue evolving and leading the transformation of the sector, through tech enabled smart operations, and aim to grow at a CGR of 30%, while also being focused on reducing carbon footprint while driven business efficiency.”

LP Logiscience is already respected as the arm of the legacy brand Liladhar Pasoo and has grown to become one of the leading warehousing and contract logistic service providers that brings the best in warehouse technology to the sector. Apart from all the standard WMS features of expiry, FIFO, location management, the company has also created its own customized solutions for their operations and a few industry-specific solutions. Additionally, all their warehouses are cloud connected, including hand held terminals which are used for all warehouse processes, and have a plethora of tech features, including ERP integration for clients, apps for sales teams showing the available inventory at the warehouse, a shipment tracking apps (TMS control tower), sales revenue monitoring with analytics and monthly division-wise sales target %, LP’s own EHS app for internal use by operations team, raising safety concerns and suggestions, and a cloud repository of MSDS and COA for their speciality chemical customers. In addition to the above, their time to setup a new warehouse for a new client is just 12 hours in their WMS, which plays a vital role when business continuity is of significance.

With the above infrastructure and processes in place, LP Logiscience is now set to work towards creating greener warehousing solutions with their Triple Zero sustainability policy. Through Vehicle-Integrated PhotoVoltaics, the company is investing in R&D with EV vehicles so as to remove all dependency on grid charging. Apart from solar power generation in warehouses, they are also exploring roof panels which are already solar ready and the original steel roof of the warehouse is not required at all. Rain water harvesting and recycling through water treatment plants is also on the list to ensure they are able to reach close to a net zero water utilization for housekeeping and gardening purposes. In the next 3 years, the company aims to bring their state-of-the-art warehouses to tier two towns and metros with a faster go-to market access, like Lucknow, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata and Surat while also introducing newer warehouses in Mumbai and Delhi. LP Logiscience also have long standing partnerships with industry leaders for transportation and an enviable roster of long-standing client relationships with brands like Asian Paints, UPL Ltd, Total Energies, IMCD, Pidilite Industries, Momentive Performance Material, Nivea India among others.

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About LP Logiscience – a Liladhar Pasoo Company

LP Logiscience, the warehousing division of the 100-year-old legacy brand, Liladhar Pasoo, has been driving the transformation of the warehousing sector in India since its inception a decade ago. Apart from its scientific approach to specialised storage and warehouse management, LP Logiscience is also one of the leading Indian players to adopt smart tech enabled operations and focus on building carbon neutral/sustainable warehouses in India.

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Liladhar Pasoo, its parent legacy brand has shaped the logistics sector since its inception in 1919, and since then emerged as India’s most experienced integrated logistics and supply chain solutions provider. Following in its footsteps, LP Logiscience has grown its warehousing and transportation business to 3 million sq. ft of storage space and a reach of 10000+ distribution pin codes PAN India within 11 years of inception. Today, LP Logiscience has brought about revolutionary changes in the contract logistics business to gain one of the highest market shares in the warehousing business to service the niche specialty chemical market. They have a footprint of 20 Branches all over India.


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