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Kredent InfoEdge Garners Pre-Series A Funding from Ramesh Damani and others



Among the fresh wave of funding that has been ushered on startups, Kredent InfoEdge Pvt. Ltd unraveled today that it has received Pre-series A funding from renowned stock market investor Ramesh Damani and others.

Positioning itself as one of the leading Fintech startups delving into financial education and stock market data analytics, Kredent InfoEdge Pvt. Ltd has garnered funding for the first time from external investors. With an aim to simplify finance for everyone with the help of the right learning and relevant analytics, the firm is all set to expand its horizon.

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Commenting on the milestone, Mr. Vivek Bajaj, Managing Director of the firm said “We are excited to have Mr. Ramesh Damani joining us as an investor. This round of funding is a testimony to the bright future that FinTech startups like us, with a focus on knowledge, have.

Kredent InfoEdge has always been on a mission to spread financial literacy in India and this investment made by Mr. Damani will enable us to introduce new and innovative products that will help the participants to build a career and the investors, traders, and professionals to profit from the markets.”

Currently, Kredent InfoEdge Pvt. Ltd is invested in developing new products that can bring various financial assets within the reach of every Indian.

Speaking further on the collaboration, Mr. Damani remarked “I have closely watched the journey of Kredent InfoEdge over one year and its intense focus on innovation has always given me a lot of confidence. Empowering retail investors is the need of the hour and Kredent has already made its mark in the FinTech industry and now I am excited to be able to further catalyze its growth as an investor”.

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Krishna Mali
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