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India on the Cusp of Entrepreneurial Revolution: Amarjit Bakshi



India is on the cusp of an entrepreneurial revolution, and that efforts must be made by all stakeholders including industry, governments and academia to create an ecosystem in order to achieve Prime Minister’s vision of Atmanirbhar Bharat, said Mr. Amarjit Bakshi, CMD, Central Park.

Mr. Amarjit Bakshi, CMD, Central Park

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He congratulated DRIIV on its inaugural annual conference “RESOLVE”.

“Creating the right environment is the key to propelling entrepreneurship. Standalone efforts are currently underway but only by working in unison to create an innovation ecosystem will fast-pace our efforts in enabling and empowering entrepreneurs who work on research and development to help solve problems of national importance,” Mr. Bakshi said.

The objective of the conference was to showcase DRIIV’s initiatives in sustainability and breakthrough tech innovations and bring together members of the ecosystem who are instrumental in delivering the objective.

DRIIV (Delhi Research Implementation and Innovation) is an initiative of the Office of the Principal Secretary to the Government of India. It is an umbrella body to manage Delhi Science & Technology (S&T) Cluster.

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“Colleges and universities are fertile grounds for cultivation of ideas and innovation. By creating an environment where ideas can be incubated, accelerated and hand-held at every step, can we achieve our objective of innovation-led entrepreneurial growth in the country,” he added.

In the day-long conference, issues like the environment and smart cities, sustainable energy, creating an innovation ecosystem, and circular economy were among the several points of discussion. The keynote address was delivered by Principal Scientific Advisor (PSA) to the Government of India Mr. Ajay Kumar Sood.

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“We will create an innovation ecosystem with technology and research being the cornerstone to work in the field of sustainable energy, green mobility, deep tech, healthcare, and waste to wealth, water security, and air pollution among others, issues that will help solve problems that India is currently facing,” Mr. Bakshi added.


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