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How To Enhance Safety & Security Protocols At Your Business



As a business owner, it’s vital that you invest in your safety and security protocols. Failure to do so could put your business at risk in more ways than one. For example, it could:

  • Lead to an increase in workplace accidents and injuries.
  • Jeopardize the health & safety of yourself, your team, and your customers.
  • Leave your premises vulnerable to crimes such as vandalism and theft.
  • Increase the chances of cybersecurity breaches occurring.

With that in mind, here are some steps you can take to enhance and improve upon your current safety & security protocols.

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Invest in employee training: Employee training is essential in maintaining high safety standards, simply due to the fact that it encourages employees to be more alert and aware. It also ensures they know how to operate any equipment, therefore reducing the chances of accidents occurring.

You should also ensure that several members of your team are first-aid trained so that they are able to provide immediate care on-site. Additional training also works to enhance security across your premises, by giving your team an insight into security threats they may encounter in their day-to-day operations.

Install intercoms: Installing business intercoms at the entryways to your business enhances both security and safety protocols, due to the fact it gives you more control over who can (and cannot) access your site. In short, it helps to ensure that no unauthorized personnel can enter without your knowledge.

This not only reduces the chances of a crime occurring but also maintains good health and safety standards. These intercoms can also give you great peace of mind during the COVID-19 pandemic, as they allow for contactless check-ins from customers and members of your team, reducing face-to-face interactions.

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Invest in cybersecurity: When it comes to safety and security, it’s easy to prioritize physical safety and the safety of your premises. However, this does not mean that cybersecurity threats should be ignored – especially as a data breach could cost your business upwards of $130,000. Thankfully, there are various different cybersecurity practices that businesses can use to their advantage.

For example, you could ensure all files and documents are backed up and password encrypted, especially if they contain sensitive information. You should also invest in cybersecurity software, or sign your team up for cybersecurity courses.

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Install CCTV & Alarms: CCTV and Alarm Systems are a great way to heighten security protocols on site, namely due to the fact that they act as a deterrent for crime. This is because it “increases offenders’ perception of the risk of getting caught”, given that they know their actions will be caught on camera.

As a result, simply installing these features (internally and externally) will improve security on-site. They can also lower the cost of your insurance policy, as properties with these features are deemed low-risk compared to those without.

Furthermore, they will also come in handy should an incident occur, as you have evidence to hand that can make catching (and prosecuting) offenders much easier. It can also be used as supporting evidence should you need to make an insurance claim.


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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
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