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How Technology Can Streamline the Selling Process



Every company has multiple running parts that all need to work together in order for the company to function and succeed. This can be tricky for the people working in the business, especially if it’s a small business that requires people to take on multiple roles and tasks.

You can’t be an expert at everything. Even if you’re a great manager, you might not be a great salesperson. In the early stages of your business, it’s vital that you’re able to work on your weaknesses and build your strengths.

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Even once your company expands to the point where you can hire multiple employees to handle certain tasks, it’s still beneficial to find ways to save money and work more effectively and efficiently. 

This is why the business world has always been at the forefront of technology development. Software can help businesses to tackle all kinds of challenges and processes. 

One of the ways that technology can help your business is by improving and streamlining the selling process. Every business needs to be able to sell a product or service to make money. 

Marketing and Customer Service

While marketing and customer service are separate from sales, they do play a part in making sure that you can make a successful sale.

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Let’s break it down and put these processes into order. 

Marketing gets in touch with customers before the sale. If they don’t know your company exists, they can’t buy your product.

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The point of sale is where you sell your product, deliver your service, and make your money.

Customer service generally deals with the period after the sale, where you make sure that your customer is satisfied. 

Ideally, you want any customers to return, which is why customer service is so important. You can also use specific marketing strategies to appeal to past customers and encourage them to buy more products.  

You can outsource your marketing and customer service to other companies, or use technology to help you to come up with marketing strategies and communicate with customers. For example, an automated chatbot on your website can give your customers a handy point of contact and direct them to the right service.

Simplifying the Sale

People only want to buy from companies that they feel are competent and professional

If you try to make a sale but struggle to accept their money or other issues crop up, a customer might get frustrated and potentially abandon the sale. This is a common issue with online shopping, as customers who get annoyed during the checkout process might abandon their shopping cart partway through the transaction.

However, technology can make the sale more simple and professional. For example, making sure that your website is functional and fast will make customers less likely to leave the checkout process.

You can also use technology to help you when setting up quickbooks online recurring ACH payments, so you can continue to serve repeat customers without any hiccups or delays. 


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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
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