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FLYBLADE India Partners with Beta Technologies to Expand its UAM Ecosystem



Today, FlyBlade India (“BLADE India”), a joint venture between Hunch Ventures and Blade Air Mobility, Inc. (NASDAQ: BLDE), and BETA Technologies, Inc. (“BETA”), an electric aerospace company, have announced a strategic partnership, which will see FLYBLADE India explore the purchase of BETA’s electric vertical and take-off landing (eVTOL) aircraft, ALIA, on best effort basis – and in addition to its growing fleet, the build-out of electric charging infrastructure to enable it. The partnership will also explore state-of-the-art pilot training and maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services in the country.

This partnership aims to accelerate EV adoption in India – a step on the path to meeting the country’s net-zero by 2070 pledge, as set forth at COP26. BETA’s all-electric, zero operational emissions aircraft will provide a short-hop solution to decongesting the central city and surrounding areas. The company’s multimodal infrastructure will also set a foundation to support the electrification of all transportation – electric aircraft and ground vehicles alike.

“India presents an incredible opportunity for electric aviation and this partnership with BLADE India enables us to deploy our aircraft and charging infrastructure with a great partner,” said Kyle Clark, CEO BETA. “We look forward to partnering with BLADE India to bring a quiet, cost efficient, accessible and zero-emission solution to the region.”

“BLADE is committed to transitioning to electric, this is a step in that direction. ALIA’s longer range capabilities make it the perfect aircraft to cater to our inter-city, health and cargo services,” adds Amit Dutta, MD, BLADE India.

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BETA is an electric aerospace company that is developing a fully integrated system to enable electric aviation. At the heart of this system are its all-electric aircraft: the CX300, an electric fixed-wing airplane (eCTOL), and the ALIA-250, an electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. Both aircraft optimize for payload and range while carrying cargo or passengers and offer a unique combination of elements that create a smooth flying experience, quieter than cars on a highway, and imperceptible over normal community noise levels – all while producing zero operational emissions and costing less. The company has also developed electric charging infrastructure to support the transition to electric transportation, and has over 60 charging sites online or in development in the U.S.

In addition to BLADE India, a broad set of top global operators have selected BETA’s aircraft for key aerospace markets, including UPS (cargo), United Therapeutics (organ movements), Air New Zealand (cargo and passenger), Bristow (time-sensitive cargo and passengers), and the U.S. Air Force (defense).

About Blade

Blade (NASDAQ: BLDE) is a technology-powered urban air mobility platform committed to reducing travel friction by providing cost-effective air transportation alternatives to some of the most congested ground routes in the U.S. and abroad. Its asset-light model, coupled with its exclusive passenger terminal infrastructure, is designed to facilitate a seamless transition to Electric Vertical Aircraft (“EVA” or “eVTOL”), enabling lower cost air mobility to the public that is both quiet and zero emissions.

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For more information, visit www.blade.com/p/about.

About FLYBLADE India

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FLYBLADE India began operations in 2019 and offers cost-effective air transportation alternatives to some of the most congested ground routes in India with flights from Mumbai, Shirdi, Pune, and Bangalore. FlyBLADE India is a joint venture between BLADE and Hunch Ventures; A privately held investment firm based out of New Delhi, India and has invested in a range of sectors including education, healthcare, immersive media, hospitality, food & beverage, logistics and others that hold distinctive synergies with each other.

For more information, visit flyblade.in/p/about.

About BETA Technologies

BETA Technologies is an electric aerospace company that is creating a new paradigm for transporting goods and people, making it greener, safer, and more cost efficient. To do this, BETA is building an electric transportation system that includes all-electric aircraft and a cross-country, multimodal charging infrastructure to support various types of EVs.

Safety, simplicity, and pragmatism are at the heart of everything we do, from the design of our products to our approach to the market. The team brings experience from top global organizations, and takes a hands-on, multi-disciplinary approach to problem-solving and innovation. To foster a deep understanding of aircraft, engineering, and a connection to the mission, each BETA team member has the opportunity to become flight-certified at no cost.


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