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Fintech: Kimberly Nasief joins GammaRey’s board



Leading fintech company, GammaRey has announced the appointment of Kimberly Nasief as a member of its board of directors.

Speaking on the appointment of Kimberly Nasief, Mark Carter, CEO of GammaRey said, “We are pleased to welcome Kimberly to our Board of Directors. Her experience in building a strategic program for consumer preference will be a great asset to the company and to our business strategy.”

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“We look forward to her program contributions that will benefit GammaRey in the Short-and-long term. Together, we will create lasting value for our customers and stakeholders,” Carter added.

Adding to the statement, Kimberly Nasief, on its appointment said, “As we look to the future of global fintech, we see an ever-growing market in which GammaRey is well-positioned to provide value to its customers and stakeholders. As such, I am excited to apply my skills set to enhance the growth of GammaRey across the globe.”

“As globalization is becoming more relevant, I know that together we can create the ultimate ecosystem of the new world digital economy,” Nasief added.


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Krishna Mali
Krishna Mali
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