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D’Art traces the legacy of its retail design agency in the global markets

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D’Art becomes a tastemaker serving the global continents through transformative retail, digital, and design services. The retail design agency has demonstrated and left behind a trail of impressionable work and is set to cross another milestone.

NEW DELHI, Jan. 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The journey of one design firm originated with three friends, a small office space, and a few chairs in one remote corner of Delhi. Today, D’Art is a big dream uniting 200+ people spread across cities and continents. From the mark of 5 million in the first year of business to the edge of crossing the ballpark of a 1 billion turnover mark, D’Art’s voyage of over 5 years created a uniform identity across half a dozen countries, working with clients classified as Fortune 500.

The ride went by in a blink, with a string of unreal events. D’Art became the only design firm to win the most coveted Design award— A’ Design Award—two years in a row. The brand also delivered design excellence through retail outlets for prestigious brands. What stayed constant was the fundamental principle of D’Art; Hearing the sound of victory together with their clients. Since inception, D’Art has worked with one primary thought, ‘Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.’

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In the years that went by, D’Art has accomplished every herculean project with the notion that success is mutual and not a business. The brand’s approach in a relationship with every client was nurturing more than transactional, wanting their clients to achieve along with them. And today’s moment of truth for them is steering the firm in the direction where the brand’s existence would be felt in different cities & geographies in the times to come.

In every collaboration with D’Art, they have always come up with the best work. Since the best things have always found their way to reach the corners of the world, they found projects and clients waiting on their path to worthy endeavors. Through their contribution to solving challenges through design, strategies, and digital technology, they have not just connected brands with people but found their growth stretching the borders of India.

The brand’s work became their testament to the clients, resulting in them seeing the potential of D’Art’s creativity and knowing that the world deserves what they had to offer. Hence, D’Art’s clients are the ones who have expanded their brand to other continents. Today, 90% of their projects emerge from Fortune 500 businesses, igniting the brand’s growth and designating them as the ‘Rebellious brand’ position in the global market who have believed in creatively strategizing before swaying with winds of trends.

D’Art is fundamentally serving three continents of the world— the Asia Pacific with India, Bangladesh, Vietnam & Australia; the Middle East with UAE (Dubai); and North America with the US. Within these countries on different continents, they have regulated offices with their own workforce and stakes in local businesses/tie-ups/Mergers & Acquisitions to have an evolved ecosystem for business.

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With Bangladesh’s rapidly progressing and evolving economy, D’Art is set to serve industries like Lubricants and luxury apparel. With Vietnam, they will be catering to fuel stations, paint, and lubricant industries. With UAE, they have served brands like Hitachi in pulling up an experiential exhibition design. And, with a developed geography like the US, D’Art has onboarded Ms. Kritika Jain as a country representative to fuse their expertise and high caliber to benefit the brands with exclusive and unique design and retail services.

D’Art is aggressively moving toward the light at the end of the tunnel as the geographical boundaries become thin, with more countries welcoming their expertise and creativity. The brand’s vision to transform into a leading retail design agency is still rooted in connecting people with experiences and contributing to their growth by encompassing the right talent in the team.

About D’Art Pvt Ltd.

D’Art is a retail design agency catering to dynamic industries under the retail segment with design, digital & strategic services that have the potential to deliver brand visibility & positioning rooted in deriving ROI. The brand’s experiential designs create an immersive feeling for the masses While bringing the classes under one roof.

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Rachhna GP
Worldwide Marketing Facilitator

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