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CII partners with WhatsApp to train Indian SME entrepreneurs



In a statement issued by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) on Monday announced that “CII has partnered with WhatsApp to train Small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and entrepreneurs on how to use WhatsApp Business app to connect with their customers and grow their business.”

“WhatsApp and CII will work closely from CII’s SME Technology Facilitation Centre which was set up in November 2016, with an aim to create awareness amongst SMEs in India on how to use technological solutions to enhance their overall competitiveness,” the statement said.

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Adding to this, the statement said: “There will be an on-ground training across the country and teach them how to use the App. Will also provide a training webinar to the entrepreneurs who are located in the hinterland.”

CII Executive Director, Neerja Bhattia, CII said “CII SME Technology Facilitation Centre, is CII’s initiative to provide latest technology support to SMEs in India. It’s operating as a one-stop solution center, summating different upgraded and latest technology from our multiple large technology partners with an aim to enhance access to technology for Indian SMEs and create technical literacy amongst them.”

“The Center also provides an opportunity to its technology partners to expand their market and reach out to SMEs spread throughout the country with their product and services,” she added.

Talking on the partnership, WhatsApp’s Public Policy Manager, Ben Supple said, “Whether it’s a chai stand or saree shop, small businesses are at the heart of vibrant communities and the engine that makes the Indian economy grow, and by partnering with CII, we’re committed to helping SMEs achieve success. Small businesses need to meet their customers where they are, and in India, that’s on WhatsApp. With the WhatsApp Business app, small businesses can easily and efficiently connect with their customers, and we’ll be introducing new features in the future to continue helping them grow.”

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Together, WhatsApp and CII will develop informative content to be distributed among entrepreneurs both in physical and digital formats, addressing the advantages of the professional use of WhatsApp Business and promoting the creation of networks for knowledge sharing. WhatsApp will also give workshops to CII team members across the state, to expand content dissemination and offer local support for cities across India.

The partnership starts on 29th October with a training in Pune and is expected to reach small and medium businesses along with start-ups and members of CII.

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