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Byju’s may join as Indian startup Unicorn with the valuation at $3.5 billion



India is budding with startups and upcoming initiatives and to rank 4th in this country’s startups, the class is what Byju’s aspires to achieve. An ongoing fund round of about $200-300M is expected to peg Byju’s valuation at $3.5B which could help it rank 4th after Paytm, Ola and OYO rooms.

Byju’s- which can be easily installed for free on any device is an online tutoring application consisting of videos on lectures and concept evaluation to provide a better understanding for all those kids who are a bit slow at grasping or are struggling with a few difficult concepts that have gone right above their heads.

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Three informed individuals have even stated that as heavy interest from top late-stage venture and private equity investors boosts its valuation far more than estimated.

If the fundraising ​ evaluation is to close at $3.5 billion, it would multiply the company’s value by at least three and cement its position as the breakout startup of India in the past 5 years. A surge in investor demand too has helped Byju’s by a great deal in raising fresh funds.

Exceeding it’s investor’s expectations by the minute, Byju’s has embarked on a remarkable the journey from an offline based coaching located in Bangalore to all over India.

It has even planned to launch an application for the younger students.

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Ashna Khose
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