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BLADE India and Jaunt Air Mobility Form Strategic Partnership to Launch Urban Air Mobility Operations in India



FlyBlade India (“BLADE India”), a joint venture between Hunch Ventures and Blade Air Mobility, Inc. (NASDAQ: BLDE), and Jaunt Air Mobility (“Jaunt”), an AIRO Group company, announced today a strategic partnership to launch electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft operations in India and the subcontinent region by 2027. The partnership includes a non-binding arrangement to procure 150 Jaunt Journey aircrafts with an option for another 100 aircrafts to meet the projected demand over the next decade.

As the 3rd largest aviation market in the world, India is undergoing a major transformation with a growing need for seamless and faster connectivity to connect passengers in urban areas. BLADE India is leading this effort with its established short haul mobility services in cities nationwide. Jaunt, a global aerospace company, has pioneered the all-electric journey, an aircraft that combines helicopter and fixed-wing flight capabilities, highlighting safety, low noise, and operational efficiencies. The company is one of the only eVTOL players aligned with current transport category certification rules.

The companies will collaborate in specific areas that are critical to support future short haul mobility operations. In particular, BLADE India will work with Jaunt and its partners to develop key infrastructure capabilities in aircraft charging and energy distribution technologies. Jaunt will use BLADE India’s existing short haul operational and customer experience to support the development of the Jaunt Journey aircraft and its integration into the Indian airspace.

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Speaking on the strategic partnership, Amit Dutta, Managing Director, BLADE India said, “With its vast expanse and increasing congestion, India is one of the biggest markets in the world for AAM solutions. With BLADE’s first mover advantage in nurturing the Urban Air Mobility ecosystem in India and Jaunt’s technical expertise, this partnership is well poised to pioneer the transition to electric and revolutionize the transportation system.”

“We are thrilled to partner with an exceptional BLADE India team to launch a new form of urban air travel in India and the subcontinent region,” said Simon Briceno, Chief Commercial Officer for Jaunt. “Our collaboration with BLADE India as well as our clear path towards aircraft certification means the Indian public will soon benefit from a new safe, affordable, and accessible mode of transportation.”

About FLYBLADE India

FLYBLADE India began operations in 2019 and offers cost-effective air transportation alternatives to some of the most congested ground routes in India with flights from Mumbai, Shirdi, Pune, and Bangalore. It is a joint venture between New Delhi based, Hunch Ventures, a privately held investment firm has invested in a range of sectors including education, healthcare, immersive media, hospitality, food & beverage, logistics and others that hold distinctive synergies with each other.

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For more information, visit flyblade.in/p/about.

About Blade

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Blade (NASDAQ: BLDE) is a technology-powered urban air mobility platform committed to reducing travel friction by providing cost-effective air transportation alternatives to some of the most congested ground routes in the U.S. and abroad. Its asset-light model, coupled with its exclusive passenger terminal infrastructure, is designed to facilitate a seamless transition to Electric Vertical Aircraft (“EVA” or “eVTOL”), enabling lower cost air mobility to the public that is both quiet and zero emissions.

For more information, visit www.blade.com/p/about.

About Jaunt

Jaunt Air Mobility is a transformative aerospace company headquartered in Dallas, Texas, with design and manufacturing located in Montreal, Canada. Jaunt is building the next generation of eVTOL (electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing) and hybrid-electric VTOL aircraft for faster, quieter, and safer travel over urban areas, moving people and cargo. Jaunt is the global leader in developing Slowed Rotor Compound (SRC) technology. The Jaunt Journey is the worlds first electric aircraft combining helicopter and airplane flight capabilities. Jaunt has teamed with Tier 1 aerospace partners to develop the Journey and work with global operators to provide this new form of travel. Jaunt offers the most operationally efficient aircraft with a zero-carbon footprint. Jaunt is a recognized global brand of AIRO Group Holdings, Inc. (“AIRO”). AIRO is a mid-tier aerospace and defense company offering industry-leading technology and services in Electric Air Mobility, Advanced Avionics, Commercial Drones and Training uniquely capable of addressing a broad spectrum of aerospace markets.

For more information, visit www.jauntairmobility.com and www.theairogroup.com.

Contact: Nancy Richardson, Jaunt Air Mobility, nmrichardson@jauntairmobility.com.


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