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Bessemer Venture Partners raises $1.85 Bn Fund



Silicon Valley’s oldest venture firm has achieved new heights by raising up to $1.85 billion in 10th-round funding.

Bessemer Venture Partners (BVP) on Friday announced that “It has raised $1.85 billion and with this new fund, it will continue to invest in early seed technology companies and provide them with support financially. “

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Making it to the cover page of the Wall Street Journal is a new start for Bessemer. At the same time, they traditionally still continue to help entrepreneurs lay solid foundations for creating enduring and profitable businesses.

The firm will always invest in its areas of expertise and experience spanning consumer enterprise to healthcare, software, hardware, etc.

BVP is one of the world’s leading and experienced capital firms and holds a portfolio of more than 200 companies including the companies like Pinterest, Betterment Smule, Rocket Lab, Procure, PagerDuty, and many more. Bessemer Venture Partners have also invested in more than 120 firms of which 30% of them are from outside the United States.

In a statement issued by BVP, the firm said: “Keeping its global exposure, Bessemer will also continue to work with entrepreneurs that share Bessemer’s ambitions to make an enduring and lasting impact.”

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