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5 Things To Know Before Investing In Cardano



Cardano has been a popular choice for crypto investors because of its many attributes. Due to environmental concerns, big companies choose Cardano (ADA) as it only consumes six gigawatt-hours (GWh) of power, which is way lower than what Bitcoin and Ethereum consume.

Yet like Bitcoin, the network’s functionality has confidential and transparent transactions. Unlike Bitcoin, though, Cardano has a faster speed of transaction. Continue reading for more information on whether you should invest in Cardano.

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The Market For Cardano

Like other digital currencies, Cardano mainly uses its native coin ADA as crypto.

However, this network aims to move towards a control layer beyond its current layer—the settlement layer. Hence, systems with complicated features such as gaming and gambling can use Cardano as a trusted computation framework.

This blockchain network also envisions being used in several crypto wallets with crypto to fiat conversion capabilities and automated crypto trading facilities such as Swyftx and others. Recently, Cardano has also released Alonzo hard fork, a smart contract upgrade as they explained.

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Moreover, they plan to enter apps in the credit system and identity management. Cardano has partnered with many institutions to develop new governance structures and refine the network’s algorithms to achieve such.

How Cardano Works

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The network of Cardano is similar to the blockchain of Bitcoin. It verifies transactions to make every token unique so people won’t have to spend twice on the same tokens. The good thing is that no institution, bank, or central authority handles the verification process because it’s a decentralized network.

The Ethereum and Bitcoin network has miners that add new blocks of data to the network by solving complex mathematical equations on their computers. In exchange, these miners can receive crypto. However, this activity uses up large amounts of electricity and consumes more time to complete each transaction.

Meanwhile, Cardano works by having a protocol that minimizes energy consumption during block production, making it more sustainable than the two largest cryptos in the market. Besides, Cardano allows network participants to build the blockchain by depositing set amounts of crypto, called staking.

Cardano Team And Foundation

Behind the platform is a non-profit entity known as the Cardano Foundation. It’s responsible for ensuring its functionality and protecting its protocol technology. In addition, the foundation also furthers interoperability to promote standardization in the sector.

The people behind Cardano consist of a decentralized team of developers working on three independent entities. They have their own support for the project while utilizing the standards to ensure proper operations in the network.

Cardano Is Energy-Efficient

As mentioned, Cardano is considered more eco-friendly than other cryptos. Unlike Bitcoin, which consumes so much energy for a transaction to be completed, Cardano doesn’t. While it is estimated that Bitcoin uses 127 terawatt-hours annually compared to Ethereum’s 50 terawatt-hours, Cardano only consumes six gigawatt-hours.

Compared to a household’s energy consumption, Cardano only consumes the energy from about 600 US homes. Meanwhile, Bitcoin is compared to 45 million people consuming energy.

As mentioned, Cardano doesn’t consume as much energy as Bitcoin because of its staking or proof of stake. It keeps energy usage reasonable because it limits the number of devices verifying a transaction. On the other hand, Bitcoin and Ethereum use proof of work as their system. This system allows any number of devices to verify a transaction, so it consumes extreme energy.

Cardano Is Working Towards Affecting Lives Positively

Cardano is bent on tackling financial accessibility and other genuine global issues. It currently has a team in Ethiopia coordinating and working with services and governments across the country.

One of their most significant undertakings is the team managing the Ethiopian Ministry of Education. They use the Cardano network to create computerized IDs for millions of understudies.

As a result, each understudy can have a sealed and protected record that they own permanently. They can use the ID to assist them in showing their academic credentials to their target companies.


These are some vital things you should know before investing in cryptocurrency such as Cardano. The information discussed here makes this crypto a better choice for many investors than some of its competitors. You can use this information to gauge whether Cardano has the potential to stay in the market for a long time. If you think Cardano will be more valuable in the future, it may be time to start buying ADA while the market is down. Therefore, your investment will double, if not triple, when the market becomes bullish.


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